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Prayer Bowls

by David Sunfellow

Near-death experiences champion prayer as a super power. Along with meditation (feeling the Presence of God), feeling and expressing gratitude, cultivating a sense of humor (which includes not taking ourselves too seriously), and learning how to see things from higher perspectives, near-death experiences indicate that prayer can produce miracles (click here to read some remarkable stories). One way we can […]

Swedenborg: How Different Religions Coexist in Heaven

by David Sunfellow

Curtis Childs of the Swedenborg Foundation has been cranking out some fantastic videos that illuminate the sometimes dense world of mystic and near-death experiencer Emanuel Swedenborg. Their most recent video tackles the subject of “How Different Religions Coexist in Heaven”. I found Swedenborg’s description of heaven utterly wonderful. Why? Because it echoes — and elaborates on — […]

The Near-Death of a Child

by David Sunfellow

THE NEAR-DEATH OF A CHILD By Helena Rocca Originally written for and published by NHNE Tuesday, May 15, 2001 In March of 1990, while vacationing in Florida, our family was involved in a serious car accident: a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Rose Marie, our five year old daughter, and I only sustained minor […]

Story: The Blind Man At The Gate

by David Sunfellow

The Blind Man At The Gate Long ago, I remember a blind beggar sat each day beside the gate on the east side of the wall of the city of Jerusalem. For years he made that place his daily residence. So clever were his ears that he had learned the sounds of those who walked […]