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Near-Death Experiences & Suicide

by David Sunfellow

NDE Research Dr. Jeffrey Long On Suicide “Due to the overwhelming percentage of loving and warm experiences reported in near-death experiences (NDEs), I occasionally receive e-mails from people, often in a depression, wondering if they should try suicide in order to induce one. I immediately respond: ‘Absolutely not!’ I encourage those who are depressed to seek […]

Raymond Moody’s Suicide & Near-Death Experience

by David Sunfellow

Paranormal: My Life In Pursuit Of The Afterlife By Raymond Moody with Paul Perry Published February 7, 2012 Excerpt from Chapter 15: In my office I opened the bottle of Darvon and poured the pills out onto my desk. Then I began to take them several at a time with gulps from a can of Coca-Cola. I […]