Fantastically Informative & Inspiring Notes & Quotes

How We Create Our Realities (03/26/17)
• David Sunfellow: How To Love Ourselves
• Gay Hendricks: Learning To Love Yourself
• Beautiful Song: “Echo”
• Medical Medium Anthony William (Updated 11/13/16)
• Dr. Christopher Kerr: Dreams & Visions Of The Dying
• Groundbreaking Book: ‘God and the Afterlife’ (Updated 09/09/16)
• Elisabeth Kubler-Ross On Life, Death & Near-Death Experiences
• Raymond Moody’s Suicide & Near-Death Experience
NDE Newsletters
• Near-Death Experiences & Suicide (Updated 02/22/17)
• How To Deal With Skeptics & Atheists (Updated 10/13/16)
• The Man Who Visited Heaven (Peter Panagore) (Updated 11/18/16)
• Why We Are Here (Julie Aubier)
• I Am God & God Is Me (Mary Deioma)


• NDEs & The Purpose of Life (Updated 02/26/17)
• NDEs On The Importance Of Caring For Plants, Animals & The Earth (Updated 01/21/17)
Universal Truths (v2.0)
Miraculous NDE Healings (Updated 11/04/16)
Angels (Updated 01/08/17)
The Power of Prayer (Updated 04/16/17)
Heavenly Humor (Updated 11/04/16)
• NDEs Absolutely, Positively NOT Caused By Malfunctioning Brains (Updated 04/16/17)
• Historical & Cross-Cultural Near-Death Experiences (Updated 11/10/16)
• Celebrity Near-Death Experiences (Updated 09/15/16)
Shared Death Experiences
• When Loved Ones & Friends Pass From This World To The Next (Updated 03/15/17)
• Near-Death Experiences That Predict The End Of The World
• NDEs & Hell (Updated 11/19/16)
Jesus, Christians, and Near- Death Experiences (Updated 06/02/15)
Greyson & Storm: Reincarnation
• Rethinking Buddhism: A New Way To View Suffering (Updated 12/15/16)
• The Tibetan Book of the Dead
• Powerful, Life-Changing Near-Death Experience Quotes (Updated 11/28/16)
• NHNE Recommended Books & Movies (Updated 10/05/16)
• Teaching Others About NDEs


• Why Don’t NDEs Provide More Specifics? (Updated 09/09/16)
Natural Compassion
Operation Chop-Chop (Tom Sawyer)
Inspiring Posters (Updated 05/05/16)
• Moody, Greyson, Long – Elements of NDEs
• A Life Review Every Day
• “Love The Person You’re With”
• When Hellfire & Damnation Preachers Meet A Loving & Forgiving God
• Reverend Matthew Wright, Teilhard de Chardin, The Second Axial Age
• Mary Reed: God, Jesus, and Buddha
• Jungian Analyst Monica Wikman on Archetypal Phenomena Surrounding Death
• David Spangler: Honoring The Unseen Forces Of Life
Dream: Turning Into Angels
• Dream: Property of The Church
• Jesus & The Ancient Jewish Purity System
• All About Emanuel Swedenborg (Updated 06/01/15)
David Sunfellow Bio (Updated 04/08/15)
Prayer Bowls
• PMH Atwater: NDE Fraud
• Swedenborg: How Different Religions Coexist in Heaven
• Dream: The Open Door
• We Are Like Colanders
Life Is All About Relationship
It’s The Little Things
Dream: A Reluctant Hobbit
Dream: The Greatest Movie Ever Made
Dream Basics (Updated 03/15/17)
• Rebooting Our Relationship With Technology
The Healthy Relationship Preamble
Story: The Hopping Stone Vision
Story: The Vision of Twelve Stones
• Story: The Power of Words
NDE: The Near-Death of a Child
• NDE Aftereffects: Ability To Bend Time
• Healing Past Events By Time Traveling & Changing Them
• Story: A Soft Answer
Story: The Blind Man at the Gate
Three Questions
Penny Sartori: Claw-Like Hand Healed
Dream: The Black Blob
Dream: The Young Couple
• Dream: The Healthier We Are On The Inside…



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