Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near Death Experience
By Barbara Rommer


“Tony said: ‘I was in the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It had a pure, pleasant, fresh, clean smell. I was pain free and totally happy. There were beautiful flowers of vibrant, vivid soft colors. A stream of crystal clear water was flowing down the mountain, the top of which protruded into the clouds.

“Tony felt that it was Saint Peter and four other robed people who escorted him up that mountain. When he stumbled several times, Saint Peter asked him: ‘ Do you have a problem? You keep hesitating. Would you like to go back?’

“Tony answered: ‘Yes,” because his wife, Pat, and his family needed him. Saint Peter told him that he might go back, but the he would be returning on a specific date. He was also told of a mission that he was to accomplish.

“He would never tell Pat either the projected date of his return or about his mission. Two-and-a-half years later, on August 29, Tony went into spirit. Two years after that, Pat was finally cleaning out his drawers. She found a small piece of paper, tucked in the back, with Tony’s handwriting. It said: ‘Return date; August 29.”




“How did you love?”

“What did you do to help others?”

“I was shown that we were at a crossroads. I experienced this in 1968. I was told there would be an unemployment growth that would spread across the globe. Everything was flourishing at the time. I was told about a plague that would spread all over the world. And I was shown everything that could happen on Earth if we didn’t change — and this ‘if” is of critical importance. It’s our piece of freedom in a way. I was shown that things are unfortunately happening these days, as earthquakes, environmental issues, tsunamis, etc. But what I saw, and what worries me the most, is the emergence of unbelievable violence. This violence scared me. We are all somehow responsible for it.

“There I saw what my life would be, when I come back, between the moment when I come back, and the moment when I finally leave. I would be put on many trials and suffering. I saw myself crying many times. I asked myself: ‘What have I done to God to deserve all these trials and sufferings?’ I was told that before I was born, I had accepted all of this because through them I would grow. There was some selfish part of me which made me ask: ‘May I be given in one life what I have to live in other lives on this Earth?’ because for me the Earth is a real hell and I did not want to come back. I was told that they could not give me more (weight) than my shoulders could carry.”