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Jesus, Christians, and Near-Death Experiences

by David Sunfellow

Jesus, Christians, and Near-Death Experiences By David Sunfellow A note to those who of you may have concerns about near-death experiences being tied directly to the life and teachings of Jesus. Let me begin by acknowledging that when we examine near-death experiences as a whole; when we consider the experiences that people from all of the […]

PMH Atwater: NDE Fraud

by David Sunfellow

NDE FRAUD By PMH Atwater February 25, 2015 Newsletter Original Link Yes, I said FRAUD, and this isn’t the first time such a thing happened, although we’re hearing more about this one than others. Remember the book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven written by the father, Kevin Malarkey, about this son Alex who […]

Three Questions

by David Sunfellow

Three Questions By David Sunfellow Question One In this world, it’s clear that there are places that are both heavenly and hellish. We have peaceful, idyllic countries like Denmark and dark and dangerous countries like North Korea. And what is true on the level of countries, is also true on the level of cities, and […]