Teaching Others About Near-Death Experiences
By David Sunfellow

Many of us realize that the core truths championed by near-death experiences can change the world. After we’ve educated ourselves and started applying NDE truths to our personal lives, the next step is to share what we’ve learned with others. If you’re ready for this step and are looking for resources to share with friends, start a study group, teach a class, give a presentation, or conduct a workshop, you’ve come to the right place. This page includes the best-of-the-best NDE teaching resources I am aware of.


Theme Quotes

“All three of us are introverts, and parties or other social gatherings can be an ordeal for us. Our usual strategy is to find at least one person we know well and stay near that person. Since we began writing this book, we have found ourselves walking into a room full of people and discovering that we could have a meaningful conversation with anyone there. As soon as someone asks us what we are doing currently, and we tell them we are reading and writing about near-death experiences, their eyes widen, their attention seems to focus, and they start asking questions. Almost always, they know someone who has had an NDE, and surprisingly often they have had one themselves. Even skeptics seem fascinated.”

— Sheila, Dennis, and Matthew Linn, The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences

“We live in a community in which many people have different political opinions, values, religious beliefs, and lifestyles than ourselves… In our experience, NDEs have the power to unite us as no other topic can, and to help us form immediate heart and soul connections with people to whom we might otherwise struggle to relate.”

— Sheila, Dennis, and Matthew Linn, The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences

“Hearing about [near-death experiences] triggers a memory deep within us. It is sort of like a homecoming. Accounts of NDEs are like echoes that resonate from somewhere inside ourselves so that we want to keep hearing stories that awaken us more fully to that awareness.”

— Raymond Moody, The Light Beyond

“To dwell on the nature of the afterlife may divert us from paying attention to THIS life, where the lessons from the Light need to be practiced… The true promise of the NDE is not so much what it suggests about an afterlife — as inspiring and comforting as those glimpses are — but what it says about how to live NOW… to learn from NDErs about how to live, or how to live better, with greater self-awareness, self-compassion, and concern for others. Live well, and death will take care of itself.”

— Researcher Kenneth Ring, Lessons from the Light


General NDE Resources


Evidence of the Afterlife

Based on over 1,300 NDEs, this handout summarizes the groundbreaking work of Dr. Jeffrey Long and his best-selling book “Evidence of the Afterlife.” It consists of three pages: The Twelve Elements of NDEs, Nine Lines of Evidence, and NDE Aftereffects. In the classes and presentations I have done, I have passed out copies of this handout to everyone in attendance and then referred to whatever portions of the handout I may be discussing. It has also been very helpful when answering questions and keeping track of basic facts, like what percentage of people have an out-of-body experience, life review, or visit otherworldly realms…



NHNE NDE Resources

Another VERY HELPFUL handout is one that features NHNE’s main NDE resources. Again and again and again, people will want to know more about all kinds of NDE-related topics, many of which you may not have time to talk about. What proof is there than NDEs are not caused by malfunctioning brains? Do NDEs vary from culture to culture? If so, how? Did people in ancient times have NDEs? What about hellish and distressing NDEs? How common are they? Why do they happen? What can be done to avoid them? Is there anywhere online that archives and tracks especially remarkable NDEs? What about the latest NDE books, movies, videos, conferences, workshops, events? Where can they go to meet people who have had near-death experiences? And on and on. This handout provides links to resources that answers all the basics, and then some!


Mood Setting Videos

To help set the mood for a classroom or gathering, here are two NDE videos that can be played as people are gathering. You can view these videos on YouTube by starting the video and then clicking the YouTube link that appears in the lower right hand corner of the video control bar. You can download the videos using iSkysoft iTube Studio for MaciSkysoft iTube Studio for Windows, or similar video downloading software.


Introductory Videos

To make the best information available in the most time-efficient way possible, I’ve created two NDE videos. The first video, which is a two-parter, explores how near-death experiences are changing the world, while the second video discusses what near-death experiences teach us. The best way to use these videos is to show them to your group and then answer questions afterwards. Here are the links and descriptions:

How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World – Part 1
Presentation Home Page

Part 1 discusses the history of near-death experiences, global statistics and trends, and common themes and characteristics. It also features many near-death experiences, including those of Dr. George Ritchie, Er, Sir Francis Beaufort, Black Elk, Mary Jo Rapini, Andy Petro, Ellyn Dye, Colton Burpo, Howard Storm, and Elizabeth Taylor.

You can view this video on YouTube by starting the video and then clicking the YouTube link that appears in the lower right hand corner of the video control bar. You can download the video using iSkysoft iTube Studio for MaciSkysoft iTube Studio for Windows, or similar video downloading software.


How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World – Part 2
Presentation Home Page

Part 2 explores the near-death experiences of Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Nanci Danison, Jim Macartney, Raymond Moody, and Anita Moorjani. It examines the nature of reality, miracles, and spontaneous healings. Discusses how and why the core themes of NDEs come in so many different flavors. Presents some of the NDE aftereffects that Dr. Jeffrey Long identifies in his book, “Evidence of the Afterlife”. Includes a video clip of Raymond Moody describing his new research into “shared death experiences”. And examines two, especially powerful NDE-take-aways that have the potential to change lives. Part 2 also includes a list of websites and resources for people who have had a near-death experience and need help understanding and integrating it. Provides links to social networks where you can gather with others who are interested in this topic. And discusses the four follow-up classes that are connected to this presentation.

You can view this video on YouTube by starting the video and then clicking the YouTube link that appears in the lower right hand corner of the video control bar. You can download the video using iSkysoft iTube Studio for MaciSkysoft iTube Studio for Windows, or similar video downloading software.


What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us
Presentation Home Page

This groundbreaking presentation weaves together life-changing insights from many NDErs and NDE researchers, including Dr. Jeffrey Long, Dr. Jan Holden, Amy Call, Ryan Rampton, Anita Moorjani, Rachel E., Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Anne Horn, Dr. Kenneth Ring, Reinee Pasarow, Lorna Byrne, Cami Renfrow, Wesley Ray Wyatt, Amphianda Baskett, Howard Storm, Barbara Harris Whitfield, and Alon Anava. Based on over four decades of research, this one-hour presentation:

• Illustrates how many people, worldwide, are reporting NDEs
• Summarizes the work of Dr. Jeffrey Long and Dr. Jan Holden
• Discusses the ineffable and contradictory nature of NDEs
• Explains the purpose of life according to near-death experiences
• Describes how encounters with The Light and The Life Review represent two different, critically important perspectives that need to be incorporated into our lives
• Emphasizes the transformative power of humor, angelic encounters, and prayer
• Provides an overview of the core NDE truths presented in NDEs
• Includes 10 NDE-based suggestions for connecting with God
• Discusses shadow issues, and hellish and distressing near-death experiences, and provides practical suggestions for how to deal with both
• Illuminates the terrible challenges that many near-death experiencers face and describes how these crippling issues can be handled

This sweeping presentation also includes a transcript so those who are interested can study it in depth.

You can view this video on YouTube by starting the video and then clicking the YouTube link that appears in the lower right hand corner of the video control bar. You can download the video using iSkysoft iTube Studio for MaciSkysoft iTube Studio for Windows, or similar video downloading software.


Universal Truths

Version 2.2 of “Universal Truths” consists of 90 statements that are based on the core truths found in near-death experiences from around the world. This list can be used to introduce new people to the core truths found in near-death experiences.


The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth

Looking for a clear, systematic way to teach the core truths presented by near-death experiences? And wrestle those core truths into ideas that people can put to work in their everyday lives? Me too. “The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth” represents my best efforts so far. The current version of The Formula includes a printable chart that maps out the core truths I’ve been able to identify and a worksheet that describes how to use this information in our daily lives. You can learn all about it by going here and then design your own class using whatever aspects of The Formula feels helpful to you.



The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences

The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences,” a book by Sheila, Dennis, and Matthew Linn, is a fantastic resource for study groups and classes. Here’s how the book describes itself:

“This is the only book that systematically encourages the reader to create a spiritual and psychological healing practice based on NDEs. Each chapter includes an account of a fascinating NDE, followed by a series of questions, meditations, exercises, and video links. The reader is encouraged to contemplate these stories and their own lives. It is truly a profound guide to both living and dying.”

By reading, studying, and discussing a chapter each week, a series of life-changing classes can easily be built around this book.

Here’s an example of the kind of helpful insights and practical exercises that this book contains: A Life Review Every Day.


And here are a few excerpts:

“Two of the most common changes following an NDE are increases in a sense of social justice and in the desire to help others.”

— Page 3, Quoting NDE Researcher Dr. Pim van Lommel, Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience

“People who have had NDEs tend to be especially sensitive to their physical environment after they return. They are less able to tolerate anything that is inconsistent with the intensely vital, life-giving energy of the other realm. Thus, they have more adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals, other drugs, and alcohol than previously. Many avoid foods that contain chemicals or artificial sweeteners and prefer organic foods instead. Some become vegetarians. They seek out nature and fresh air. This sensitivity extends to sounds. Many NDEs include music, and NDErs typically feel drawn to music that resonates with their experience. They prefer natural, gentle, melodious sounds and take more pleasure than before in classical or soothing music. They dislike loud, jarring noise.”

— Page 47

“When NDErs return, they tend to gravitate toward whatever is most consistent with physical wholeness, and they usually treat their bodies with greater love and care. For example, they are attracted to alternative medicine, perhaps because it tries to help the body remember its innate wisdom and balance by working with the body’s energy systems, rather than by manipulating the body with drugs. Perhaps this shift is a reflection of a change in the energetic frequency of the NDEr, who has returned from an immersion in the highest frequencies of the universe. The person will then be drawn toward what matches that higher frequency. Alternative medicine may be a better match because it emphasizes energetic (or frequency-based) methods of healing… Thus, when NDErs try to avoid chemicals in the form of pharmaceuticals, perhaps they are simply seeking out what best matches them and avoiding what does not.

“Similarly, non-organic food has usually been treated with chemicals that are alien to and unrecognizable by the body. These chemicals degrade the food’s natural energy, whereas whole organic foods retain more of the energy of life. Since we are made of energy in the form of light, our bodies know the difference. NDErs may be more consciously aware of and sensitive to the energy in substances such as food, since they are likely more aware of the energy in the form of light that constitutes themselves and all things. Thus, NDErs may change their diet. They may also make other changes, such as giving up smoking or drinking, exercising more, and living as close to the earth as possible.”

— Pages 161-162

“In an NDE, the intensity of love and compassion that the NDEr receives is so intense that… many years of healing can take place in a few minutes. The NDEr is overflowing with love for everyone and everything. Moreover, because the life review often gives NDErs the extra advantage of seeing their life from their own perspective and from everyone else’s at the same time, NDErs typically arrive at a considerable depth of empathy and compassion for those who have hurt them.”

— Page 101

“Consider the story of a former Nazi who hurt people in big ways, by killing them in concentration camps. He had an NDE while he was in a coma. The coma lasted forty-eight hours, but it seemed to him that it lasted a lifetime. He was in a dark cave with Nazi and Roman soldiers who had been responsible for mass killings. After a while, he saw a different part of the place where light was shining, and there were the people he had killed. He wanted to ask their forgiveness. He heard that he had already been forgiven, and that now he only needed to forgive himself. He felt unable do this, and so he was allowed to feel the pain and suffering (https://jeffreylichtman.com/ultram-online/) he had caused each of his victims. Afterward, all these people comforted him. ‘He was bathed in unconditional love; it permeated his entire being.’ Then he awoke from his coma.

“Whether we have hurt others in small ways… or in horrific ways… our actions do have consequences, and at some point we will be asked to face whatever pain we have caused. Yet, accounts of NDEs consistently indicate that this has nothing to do with judgment or punishment. The life review takes place in an environment of infinite, unconditional love. The NDEr can ask that the life review stop temporarily if it becomes overwhelming, and she or he can rest for a while in unconditional love before going on. The reason for facing the harm we have done to others is so that we learn from our mistakes and grow in love and compassion, including compassion for ourselves.

“The life review encourages us to realize that everything we do affects all other creatures.”

— Pages 105-106

“The thesis of this book is that simply immersing ourselves in NDEs, by listening to accounts of them, reading about them, and so forth, can bring about some of the same changes in ourselves as those described in NDErs in the previous chapters. This has been our experience.”

— Page 169


Collected by me and consisting of outstanding NDE stories and quotes, this book is full of materials to read and discuss in small groups.

The Purpose Of Life As Revealed By Near-Death Experiences From Around The World
By David Sunfellow

Every day, all over the world, an increasing number of people are reporting near-death experiences (and related phenomena). This book is a collection of the best stories and quotes that David Sunfellow has come across in 40-plus years of studying NDEs. It shines a bright light on the universal truths that are championed by NDEs and reveals, in life-changing technicolor, how to apply these truths to our everyday lives.

This book was first published under the title Love The Person You’re With. All 60 chapters of that book are included in this one. 31 additional chapters have been added. The book is being published under a new title to reach more people. New content has been added to explore some topics in greater depth. Other tweaks, including enhanced references, have been added to make the book easier to read, remember, and study.

The book includes stories and quotes from 52 experiencers and 10 researchers, including Howard Storm, Tom Sawyer, Reinee Pasarow, Dianne Morrissey, Oliver John Calvert, Erica McKenzie, Andy Petro, Amy Call, Mary Jo Rapini, Anne Horn, Ellyn Dye, Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Ryan Rampton, Natalie Sudman, Amphianda Baskett, Mary Neal, Julie Aubier, Julian of Norwich, Barbara Harris Whitfield, Anita Moorjani, Jeff Olsen, Cami Renfrow, Louisa Peck, Ana Cecilia, Peter Panagore, Alon Anava, Tricia Barker, Samuel Bercholz, Arthur Yensen, George Ritchie, Linda Stewart, Cecil Willy, Lorna Byrne, Rene Jorgensen, Mary Deioma, Krystal Winzer, David Sunfellow, Kenneth Ring, Laurin Bellg, Jeffrey Long, Sheila, Dennis, and Matthew Linn, Kevin Williams, Barbara R. Rommer, and John W. Price.

Along with fantastic content, this book has a companion website that showcases the experiencers, researchers, and remarkable videos that are featured in the book.


“This is one jewel of a book, a real treasure. I have been recommending it to everyone I know. For anyone who wants to learn what near-death experiences are all about, this is the book for you.”

— Near-death experience researcher Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., author of Lessons from the Light


Collected by me and consisting of outstanding NDE stories and quotes, this book is full of materials to read and discuss in small groups.

500 Quotes From Heaven: Life-Changing Quotes That Reveal The Wisdom & Power Of Near-Death Experiences
By David Sunfellow

One of the most sweeping and comprehensive books ever written about near-death experiences, this book features 140 experiencers and 24 researchers sharing their personal accounts, life experiences, and hard-earned wisdom. With a focus on applying the wisdom of NDEs to everyday life, this book covers everything from encounters with The Divine and Life Reviews to suicide, shadow issues, apocalyptic predictions, and how to create Heaven on Earth. A must read for everyone interested in understanding the depth, breadth, and life-changing firepower of NDEs. Designed to study, cherish, and share, this book is a companion to David Sunfellow’s previous book, The Purpose Of Life As Revealed By Near-Death Experiences From Around The World.

Paperback copies are available here.

PDF copies, which can be downloaded immediately, are available here.

Book’s Companion Website


10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven
By Jeff Janssen


“Throughout this book you will learn from over 130 near-death experiencers who graciously share their experiences and insights from their extraordinary visits to heaven through their talks, videos, books, and one-on-one interviews with me. I have included so many of their powerful quotes and testimonials in an effort to capture their profound experience as well as reinforce the principles from so many different perspectives.”

“It is high time we stop being merely mesmerized and intrigued by NDE stories and start putting their profound, powerful, and practical lessons into practice.”

“God’s Final Exam questions have nothing to do with the amount of money in our bank account, the size of our house, or how many awards we might have won. NDErs tell us the value and significance of our time on Earth all comes down to one thing: how well have we loved. Ultimately, God wants and challenges us to be love, give love, and receive love in everything we do. Earth is then indeed a spiritual development school where we experientially learn how to more fully and unconditionally love ourselves and others. It is our primary purpose in coming here and, in the end, we judge and grade ourselves on how well we have truly learned to give and receive love.”


Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience
By Kenneth Ring, Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino

One more near-death experience book that some groups have studied is Kenneth Ring’s classic book, Lessons from The Light. Ken describes this enthusiastic group deciding to study his book in this blog post.


The NDE of Amy Call

Finally, if you’re looking for one video to share that illustrates many of the most important aspects of the near-death experience, here’s the one I recommend: the near-death experience of Amy Call. To learn more about Amy, go here.

You can view this video on YouTube by starting the video and then clicking the YouTube link that appears in the lower right hand corner of the video control bar. You can download the video using iSkysoft iTube Studio for MaciSkysoft iTube Studio for Windows, or similar video downloading software.


Specific NDE Resources


Anita Moorjani & Jeff Olsen

In the same way that an informative and inspiring class can be built around Sheila, Dennis, and Matthew Linn’s book, so, too, can you use other NDE books to study and discuss. I’ve used two: Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying To Be Me” and Jeffrey Olsen’s Book “I Knew Their Hearts.” To maximize class time and insure the people who attended my NDE classes got the most out of these books, I encouraged my people to read the books at home, then come prepared to discuss them. I then passed out summaries I created based on the content of each book and we discussed these summaries, point-by-point, quote-by-quote.


Anita Moorjani’s Book: Dying To Be Me

“In this truly inspirational memoir, Anita Moorjani relates how, after fighting cancer for almost four years, her body began shutting down — overwhelmed by the malignant cells spreading throughout her system. As her organs failed, she entered into an extraordinary near-death experience where she realized her inherent worth . . . and the actual cause of her disease. Upon regaining consciousness, Anita found that her condition had improved so rapidly that she was released from the hospital within weeks — without a trace of cancer in her body! Within these pages, Anita recounts stories of her childhood in Hong Kong, her challenge to establish her career and find true love, as well as how she eventually ended up in that hospital bed where she defied all medical knowledge. As part of a traditional Hindu family residing in a largely Chinese and British society, Anita had been pushed and pulled by cultural and religious customs since she was a little girl. After years of struggling to forge her own path while trying to meet everyone else’s expectations, she had the realization, as a result of her epiphany on the other side, that she had the power to heal herself . . . and that there are miracles in the Universe that she’d never even imagined. In Dying to Be Me, Anita freely shares all she has learned about illness, healing, fear, “being love,” and the true magnificence of each and every human being! This is a book that definitely makes the case that we are spiritual beings having a human experience . . . and that we are all One!”

Advice from Anita’s Book:

• Love yourself unconditionally

• Be yourself fearlessly

• Be aware of your inner self talk

• How we feel about ourselves is more important than positive thinking

• Be honest with yourself and your feelings; don’t suppress or bottle yourself up

• Don’t give away your power

• Turn within for answers

• Follow your own unique path (which is different from everyone else’s)

• Suspend beliefs; open up to the universe, to what is — and to the unknown and unexpected

• Focus on being your full self here, in this world; rather than seeking to leave this world for other realms

• Love every part of yourself (ego, intellect, body, spirit); Every aspect of yourself is perfect

• Enjoy yourself

• Don’t take life too seriously

• Laugh often, especially at ourselves

• Look at the emotions behind everyday decisions and actions. Do things based on a passion and a zest for living; avoid doing anything out of fear

• Because time is fluid and everything is happening right now, the past can be changed in the present moment and future potentials can be tapped into

Study Guide for Anita’s Book (pdf)

For more information about NDEr Anita Moorjani, go here.



I Knew Their Hearts: The Amazing True Story of a Journey Beyond the Veil to Learn the Silent Language of the Heart
By Jeff Olsen


“I felt the hustle and unrest of the hallway of a hospital. I watched the doctors and nurses as they went about their duties. I moved with ease all around them. I realized none of them were aware of me. They could not see me, but – wow – could I see them!

“My perceptions were expanded. I knew each person I saw perfectly. I knew their joys and their sorrows. I knew their love, their hate, their pain, and their secrets. I knew everything about them, every detail, every motivation, and every outcome. I knew every emotion they were feeling, and I knew intuitively why they were feeling it. In an instant, with no contemplation, I knew them as well as I knew myself. I knew their hearts…

“… I felt spontaneous, intense love for each and every one of them. Not a romantic love, but a perfect, compassionate love…”

“I moved about the hospital with ease, pausing to take in the beauty of the people I was encountering. I felt their true essence and marveled at the connection I had to each of them, even though I had never met them before…

“Most of my life, I had actually avoided people. Now, everyone I saw was truly my brother or sister. In fact it went even deeper than that. THEY were, in a strange sense, ME! We were all connected pieces in a huge puzzle of oneness.

“Words Jesus had said rushed to my recollection: ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these brethren ye have done it unto me.’ Was he talking about the awareness I was experiencing? Did he feel the same thing I was feeling? Was this how he walked the earth, in the consciousness of knowing each individual soul at this deep level of love?

“I realized he didn’t see himself as better than the beggar or the prisoner; he knew he was one with them. He knew them perfectly, in the same way I was experiencing the strangers I saw. We are all linked and equal in God’s eyes. I was seeing it, feeling it, and experiencing it.”

— Pages 35-37

Highlights from Jeff’s Book:

• “To what degree have you learned to love?”

• We are all one

• God knows and loves everyone very personally

• We are loved, cherished, and honored

• Everything happens for a reason; there is purpose in every circumstance; there are no accidents

• We help create our experiences

• We are all here to learn

• We experience life in a way that makes us more godlike

• Everyone is on their own unique journey

• Don’t judge anyone

• In every situation we encounter, especially the challenging ones, choose joy; choose to see every experience positively; as opportunities to learn, grow, deepen, love

• Treasure the simple things

• True peace can only be found from the inside out (looking to people and things to fill the emptiness of our souls is painful and futile)

• One of the best ways to ease our pain is to reach out and be fully present for others

• In order to know another person’s heart, we must first know our own

• Our bodies are temples of the divine

• Our hearts know the answer to whatever questions we have

• No one truly dies; no one is ever lost

• Glimpses of eternity sometimes make things more difficult in this world

• Pay attention to dreams (this is not said, but implied by the significant role dreams have played in Jeff’s journey)

Study Guide for Jeff’s Book (pdf)

For more information about NDEr Jeff Olsen, go here.


Other NDE Books & Movies

If you are not interested in studying Anita and Jeff’s books, or if you have already studied them and are looking for more, you can find a list of other highly recommended books (and movies) posted here. And, yes, movies can be as good as books when it comes to changing lives and sparking transformative conversations.


Jesus & Near-Death Experiences

Not surprisingly, Jesus and Christianity is often a very hot topic when it comes to studying near-death experiences. How often does Jesus show up in NDEs? And how relevant is he — and his life and teachings — to the core truths championed by near-death experiences? And what about fundamentalist Christians who have NDEs and then return wanting to turn everyone into followers of Jesus? If these are topics that interest you, here’s a great class to consider teaching. You can show the video I created and discuss it with your class, or create your own class using all or part of the materials I collected.

Jesus, Near-Death Experiences, and Religion
Jesus Slideshow
Presentation Home Page (which includes many wonderful background materials)

You can view this video on YouTube by starting the video and then clicking the YouTube link that appears in the lower right hand corner of the video control bar. You can download the video using iSkysoft iTube Studio for MaciSkysoft iTube Studio for Windows, or similar video downloading software.


Activities That Help Lift Us Into The Presence Of God

Here’s another handout that can be very helpful.

Near-death experiences strongly champion the idea that we need to love ourselves. If we could see and love ourselves as God does our lives would be completely transformed. So would our relationships with everyone and everything else.

You would think that loving ourselves wouldn’t be so difficult, especially for people who have had a direct experience of God’s love. But that’s not the case. Personally experiencing God’s unconditional love makes loving ourselves easier, but we still slip in and out of loving states of consciousness. That’s because we can’t sustain higher states of consciousness until we have built leak-proof containers for the Divine.

In his book “My Decent Into Death,” near-death experiencer Howard Storm writes:

“Without the love of God, it is impossible to love ourselves because every human being is aware of their flawed nature and sinfulness.”

In other words, it’s impossible to love ourselves in the perfect, all-knowing, all-forgiving way that God does until we can see ourselves as God does — and sustain that higher vision.

Bottom line: we don’t have the ability to love ourselves in a truly healthy, balanced, full blown way until we have connected with God and the deeper parts of ourselves. So what’s a spiritual seeker to do?

This handout presents a series of ideas and practices that near-death experiences suggest can lift us into the presence of God. These ideas and practices also help us build a consciousness that can ground and maintain higher states of consciousness in every day life.



Additional Ideas & Resources For Teaching NDE Classes

Finally, you can find a lot more fantastic NDE material by reviewing the classes I’ve taught — and browsing the super-informative sections on this website. Here’s a quick list of major NDE resources to check out:

• My 7-Week NDE Sedona Class
• My Original NDE Classes In Sedona
• NHNE Recommended Books & Movies
Fantastically Informative Notes & Quotes