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Charlie Morley & Lucid Dreaming
Karim, The Alter Ego
Ingrid Honkala’s Near-Death Experience
NDE Researcher Dr. Bruce Greyson
The Ghosts of Japan’s 2011 Tsunami
Demonic Possession & Exorcism
Aldous Huxley & The Perennial Philosophy
Etty Hillesum, The Mystic Of The Holocaust
Walter Russell, The Man Who Tapped The Secrets Of The Universe
Bill Wilson, The Founder Of Alcoholics Anonymous, Recounts His Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Emergence Anonymous: A 12-Step Program
Carl Jung’s Near-Death Experience (Updated 08/07/19)
What I Learned From My Four Near-Death Experiences
The Other Side Of Paradise: How I Left A Buddhist Retreat In Handcuffs
There Are No Easy Answers
Two Compelling Reasons For Paying Attention To Near-Death Experiences
Terminal Lucidity – The Case of Anna (Kathe) Ehmer
Final Passage By Barbara Harris Whitfield
• Ari Hallmark Meets Family In Heaven After They Die In A Tornado
Regrets Of The Dying
• At The End Of Her Life, My Mother Started Seeing Ghosts
• The Ego Is Alive & Well Upon Returning From An NDE
• The End-of-Life Epiphany of Roger Ebert
Near-Death Experience Images
• Kimberly Sharp Clark’s Near-Death Experience
• Were Edgar Cayce’s Abilities Triggered By An NDE?
• Julian of Norwich (Updated 08/25/18)
• NDEr Norman Paulsen: A Cautionary Tale
• Ellen Burstyn In “Resurrection” (A Fabulous 1980 NDE Movie) (Updated 01/07/19)
• Kenneth Ring: Waiting To Die
Story: The River Creature
NDE Predictions – Personal (Updated 08/29/19)
• The Favorite Son
Be Yourself. Follow Your Heart. (pdf)
• Religious Figures In NDEs, Especially Muhammad & Jesus
• A Guided Tour of Hell: A Graphic Memoir
How We Create Our Realities (03/26/17)
• David Sunfellow: How To Love Ourselves
• Gay Hendricks: Learning To Love Yourself (Updated 07/02/18)
• Beautiful Song: “Echo”
• Medical Medium Anthony William (Updated 11/13/16)
• Dr. Christopher Kerr: Dreams & Visions Of The Dying  (Updated 03/28/19)
• Groundbreaking Book: ‘God and the Afterlife’ (Updated 08/20/19)
• Elisabeth Kubler-Ross On Life, Death & Near-Death Experiences (Updated 07/14/17)
• Raymond Moody’s Suicide & Near-Death Experience
NDE Newsletters
• Near-Death Experiences & Suicide (Updated 06/14/19)
• How To Deal With Skeptics & Atheists (Updated 05/06/19)
• The Man Who Visited Heaven (Peter Panagore) (Updated 11/18/16)
• Why We Are Here (Julie Aubier)
• I Am God & God Is Me (Mary Deioma)

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• NDEs & The Purpose of Life (Updated 03/27/19)
• NDEs On The Importance Of Caring For Plants, Animals & The Earth (Updated 08/15/19)
Universal Truths (v2.2) (Updated 03/08/19)
Miraculous NDE Healings (Updated 06/06/19)
Angels (Updated 03/15/19)
The Power of Prayer (Updated 07/03/19)
Heavenly Humor (Updated 09/16/19)
• NDEs Absolutely, Positively NOT Caused By Malfunctioning Brains (Updated 09/06/19)
• The Difference Between Drug-Induced Spiritual Experiences & Near-Death Experiences (Updated 05/06/19)
• Historical & Cross-Cultural Near-Death Experiences (Updated 06/14/19)
• Celebrity Near-Death Experiences (Updated 08/11/18)
Shared Death Experiences (Updated 03/23/19)
• When Loved Ones & Friends Pass From This World To The Next (Updated 05/07/19)
• Near-Death Experiences That Predict The End Of The World (Updated 09/09/19)
• NDEs & Hell (Updated 07/02/19)
• Can Negative Behaviors Lead To Hellish Experiences?
• Hellish Realms, Evil Spirits, and How Our Vibrations Create Our Experiences (Updated 06/13/19)
• Why It’s Important To Know About Shadow Issues And Work On Them (Updated 07/09/19)
Jesus, Christians, and Near- Death Experiences (Updated 05/09/17)
Greyson & Storm: Reincarnation
• Rethinking Buddhism: A New Way To View Suffering (Updated 07/03/18)
• The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Updated 06/14/19)
• Powerful, Life-Changing Near-Death Experience Quotes (Updated 03/06/19)
• NHNE Recommended Books & Movies (Updated 02/13/19)
• Teaching Others About NDEs (Updated 04/05/19)

Other Topics

• Why Don’t NDEs Provide More Specifics? (Updated 09/09/16)
Natural Compassion
Operation Chop-Chop (Tom Sawyer)
Inspiring Posters (Updated 05/07/19)
• Moody, Greyson, Long – Elements of NDEs
• A Life Review Every Day
• “Love The Person You’re With”
• When Hellfire & Damnation Preachers Meet A Loving & Forgiving God
• Reverend Matthew Wright, Teilhard de Chardin, The Second Axial Age
• Mary Reed: God, Jesus, and Buddha
• Jungian Analyst Monica Wikman on Archetypal Phenomena Surrounding Death
• David Spangler: Honoring The Unseen Forces Of Life
Dream: Turning Into Angels
• Dream: Property of The Church
• Jesus & The Ancient Jewish Purity System
• All About Emanuel Swedenborg (Updated 06/01/15)
David Sunfellow Bio (Updated 04/08/15)
Prayer Bowls
• PMH Atwater: NDE Fraud
• Swedenborg: How Different Religions Coexist in Heaven
• Dream: The Open Door
• We Are Like Colanders
Life Is All About Relationship
It’s The Little Things
Dream: A Reluctant Hobbit
Dream: The Greatest Movie Ever Made
Dream Basics (Updated 08/31/19)
• Rebooting Our Relationship With Technology
The Healthy Relationship Preamble
Story: The Hopping Stone Vision
Story: The Vision of Twelve Stones
• Story: The Power of Words
NDE: The Near-Death of a Child
• NDE Aftereffects: Ability To Bend Time
• Healing Past Events By Time Traveling & Changing Them
• Story: A Soft Answer
Story: The Blind Man at the Gate
Three Questions
Penny Sartori: Claw-Like Hand Healed
Dream: The Black Blob
Dream: The Young Couple
• Dream: The Healthier We Are On The Inside…