Two short, powerful, potentially life-changing stories that summarize the essence of near-death experiences in less than nine minutes…

NDE Researcher Kenneth Ring: The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated


NDEr Reinee Pasarow: The Greatest Of All Actions


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The Near-Death Experience of Dianne Morrissey


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From The NDE Account of Mohammad Z

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“One example of my life review was when I was a little kid. We were traveling by car and stopped somewhere along the way. There was a river not far from the road and I was asked to go and bring some water in a bucket from that river. I went to fill up the bucket but on my way back, I felt that the bucket was way too heavy for me.  I decided to empty some of the water to make the bucket lighter. Instead of emptying the water right there, I noticed a tree that was alone by itself in a dry patch of land. I took the effort to go out of my way to that tree and emptied some of the water at the tree base. I even waited there a few seconds to make sure the water is soaked in the soil and is absorbed. In my life review, I received such an applaud and joy for this simple act that it is unbelievable. It was like all the spirits in the Universe were filled with joy from this simple act and were telling me we are proud of you. That simple act seemed to be one of the best things I had ever done in my life! This was strange to me, because I didn’t think this little act was a big deal and thought I had done much more important and bigger things. However, it was shown to me that what I had done was extremely valuable because I had done it purely from the heart, with absolutely no expectation for my own gain.

“Another example of my life review was when I was a 10 years old boy. I had bullied and mercilessly beaten another boy who was also around my age.  He felt tortured and deeply hurt. In my life review, I saw that scene again. The boy was crying in physical and deep emotional pain. As he was walking in the street crying and going back home, he radiated negative energy which affected everything around him and on the path. People and even birds, trees, and flies received this negative energy from him, which kept propagating throughout the Universe. Even rocks on the side of the street were affected by his pain. I saw that everything is alive and our way of grouping things in categories of ‘alive’ and ‘not alive’ is only from our limited physical point of view. In reality everything is alive. I felt all of the pain and hurt that I had inflicted upon him inside of myself. When this boy went home to his parents, I saw the impact that seeing him in that state had on his parents.  I felt the feeling and pain it created in them and how it affected their behavior from that point forward. I saw that as a result of this action, his parents would be always more worried when their son was out of home or if he was a few minutes late.

“I saw that whenever I had done something good to anyone or anything, that I had done it to myself. And whenever I had hurt someone, I had done it to myself while actually doing that person a favor because they would receive some form of compensation or help from the Universe as a result.  This universal gift would be bigger than the damage I had caused to them…”


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NDEr Howard Storm on “Loving The Person You Are With”

While most of Howard Storm’s appearances in the media have focused on the superficial aspects on his near-death experience, a recent interview with filmmaker Matt Cline gave Storm the opportunity to go deeper. I encourage all of you to watch this outstanding film. The second video (Part 3) — from 03:00 to 10:25 — includes a wonderfully insightful and humorous conversation that Howard had with Jesus concerning why loving others is the most important thing a person can do.

“When he [Jesus] told me that I had to come back to the world and I was trying to convince him not to send me back…, I asked him what would I do if I came back… Before he had a chance to answer, I said you know I am an artist and I would like to build a shrine for you… I would make this shrine so big and beautiful and bizarre that people would come from all over the world out of curiosity to see what it was about. And what they would find was it would be about you. And that would make them think about you. That’s what I would like to do if I came back.

“He said, I would rather you didn’t do that.

“And I said, WHAT?!! People have been building shrines to you forever. There are lots of shrines. Why can’t I build a shrine? I would like to build a shrine.”

“He said you spent so much of your life hiding out in the studio, avoiding people, I would prefer it if you didn’t avoid people by building this big shrine… I don’t really care about shrines. People like to build shrines. I understand that. It makes them feel good. It does absolutely nothing for me or for God. We don’t have any use for them whatsoever. If that’s what amuses you, I guess that’s what you gotta do. But don’t do it for me. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking it’s something I want or need, because I don’t.

“I’m like, OK, you shot down my idea, what’s you’re idea of what would I do?

“And he said, love the person that you’re with.

“And I said, OK, great, I’ll do that. No problem. What do you want me to do?

“He said, I just told you what I want you to do: love the person that you’re with.

“And I said, Yeah, but after I do that, what do you really want me to do?

“No, that is what I want you to do: love the person that you’re with.

“I said well, that’s simple enough, that’s easy, I can do that.

“And he said, oh really. Well, that’s what I want you to do. That’s enough.

“And I said, how is it enough?

“He said, if you do that, you’ll change the world.

“And I said, oh, you want me to change the world?!

“Exactly, that’s why put you in the world in the first place: to change the world.

“Well you know there’s been a lot of people that have tried to change the world and they usually turn out really pretty badly. I can think of examples like Adolph Hitler, and Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse-tung. All of them wanted to change the world and they made it worse. If I go back and try and change the world, why isn’t it possible that I could a lot of terrible mistakes and make the world a worse place?

“The way that I want you to change the world is by loving the person you are with.

“Wait a minute, that’s a contradiction. You want me to change the world but you just want me to love the person I’m with?

“Yes, that’s the plan; that’s The Big Plan… If you love the person that you’re with, then they will go out and love the person that they’re with, and they will go out and love the person they’re with and it will be like a chain reaction and love will conquer the world and everyone will love one another. That’s God’s Big Plan.

“It’s not going to work.

“Why won’t it work?

“I love the person I’m with. They walk across the street and get run over by a truck. Everyone gets angry and upset.

“Yeah, that happens. But it’s really God’s plan and nothing is going to stop it. It’s going to happen.

“Even if you had a million people, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

“There’s more than a million people in the plan…

“Well, from what I know of the world, you don’t have enough.

“Actually, we have all the angels in the plan. There’s a lot of them. There are more angels than there are people in the world… There are millions of people. There are all the angels. There’s God. It’s inevitable. The plan is going to happen.

“If that’s your plan, I’ll do it, but I just don’t really see much hope for it.

“[And Jesus said], you don’t know enough to see how it’s going to happen.

“So, my solution to everything is to love one another. And when I read the Bible and found out that that was written in the Bible as Jesus’ commandment: this is my commandment, that you love one another… that’s the program. I have tried to be part of that program… So, I personally have no big plan other than to be loving.

“The only fly in the ointment was that I thought it was going to be easy, and it turns out to be the hardest thing I have ever done. It sounds so simple, but it’s really difficult. It’s easy for me to love my mother because she was a really nice woman and she was a very loving woman. It’s not hard to love someone who is really good and really loving. But what do you do with someone who is difficult, or really nasty? Those are hard people to love.

“And what does it mean to love someone? Sometimes to love someone means you need to incarcerate them. And that’s not a lot of fun. Sometimes loving someone means you have to put as much distance between them and you as possible and tell them to never call you. And that’s not a lot of fun. Loving someone sounds so simple but it is very difficult…”