This prayer list has been created for people who follow the work of David Sunfellow and NHNE. It draws it’s inspiration from numerous near-death experiences that insist prayer is one way that we can dramatically help ourselves and others.

If you would like to add your name, or the name(s) of someone you care about to this list, send an email to David at and share the names (full names or partial names) of the people you would like to include. David will ask people who follow his work to pray for the people on this list, on a daily basis. If you are a member of a prayer group already, please consider including this list in your group prayers. The idea is not to ask for anything specific (i.e., “Please heal so and so of whatever illness or issue they are dealing with”), but instead, to ask for people to receive love, light, whatever is in their best interest.

To begin with, the list will be updated daily and then erased, and started again, the first of every month. I encourage those who want to help the people on this list to visit this page once a day to check for new additions.

Two important observations:

First, there are reports of near-death experiencers being encouraged to ask others to pray for them. They were hesitant because they had learned to be independent and self-reliant. It seemed to them that asking others for help was something of a cop out. The parallel here is with hellish experiences. When we examine hellish experiences carefully we learn that these experiences are self-created and that they are often created by people isolating themselves and refusing (or being unable) to look beyond their own self-inflicted misery. It is the act of looking up, of reaching beyond themselves to the loving spiritual forces of life, that saves them and allows them to move from hellish experiences to more heavenly ones. Asking the higher forces of life to help us, and asking our brothers and sisters to help us connect with these higher forces, is, therefore, an especially effective way of dealing with the hellish experiences we face in this world.

Second, during our darkest hours, another supremely effective way of easing our suffering is to reach out to others who are in pain and do what we can to help them. Praying for others is one concrete way of reaching out and helping others. May the kindness and healing you extend to others be returned to you a thousandfold!


NHNE Prayer List

• Anne S.
• Rhonda Young
• Henry Reed
• Matt Romanchick
• Torey M.
• Timna Schulze
• S. Dawn Sievers
• Janet R. Sievers
• Billy Sievers
• Lily R.

• Mandy
• Jack
• Bob A.
• Dina Grutzendler
• Rhaquel Valencia
• Diego Valencia
• Pesia Shulman
• Jaime Grutzendler
• Alex Gherschom
• Marian Gherschom

• Nicole Korda
• Mussi Grutzendler
• Joel Grutzendler
• Eli Grutzendler
• Donna Smith
• Norm Smith
• Kathryn Leishman
• Jessie Zgrabik
• Leonard Zgrabik
• John Zgrabik

• Dorothy Hajaistron
• Lisa Alexie
• Derrick Rockweiler
• Carol Watkins
• Shelly Pitre
• Lily Blais
• Rohit Gour
• Stella
• Scott
• Bob Bays

• Jen C
• Sherab
• Jennifer Van Varick
• Joan Marie
• Anna (and family)
• Emma (and family)
• Natalia Iversen
• Fiona Orona Iversen
• Gaston Orona Iversen
• Martin Orona Iversen

• Miryam Jacobs
• John Cianciolo
• Bill Mandina
• Kiersten Winegar
• Julie Winegar
• Jeff Sheddrick
• Shirley Mandina
• Jim Leapoldt
• Alex Garinger
• Amy Garinger

• Diane Lefebvre
• Caroline Acuar
• Terry Hussain
• Conrad Acuar
• Destiny
• Aliya
• Maya
• Nida


If you have decided to pray, daily, for the people on NHNE’s Prayer List, you may want to join NHNE’s private Prayer Network on Facebook. This group has been created to support the people who are praying daily for others. This group has also been created to help the people on NHNE’s Prayer List in tangible ways when possible and appropriate.