What are we to think about near-death experiences that predict the end of the world?  Are these dramatic, mostly apocalyptic predictions reliable? Where do they come from? And what can we learn from them?

As an example of the kind of dire predictions we are talking about, this resource page begins with a 15-year-old Jewish boy describing his apocalyptic near-death experience. That video is followed by several more dramatic NDE predictions, including predictions from Edgar Cayce, George Ritchie, Deputy Marty Breeden, Kathy Baker, Reinee Pasarow, Howard Storm, Kenneth Leth, and Mellen-Thomas Benedict.

Then we hear from Robert Mays, Kenneth Ring, and Jody Long, three NDE researchers who examine this topic from different angles. Mays examines several current predictions that are waiting to come true, Ring discusses a series of 1988 predictions that failed to materialize, and Long refers to Ring’s research and adds “out of the 15,000+ experiences that people have shared with us over the years, the weakest evidential link is the apocalyptic visions.”

One important point worth noting: According to Mays, only four percent of the near-death experiences collected by IANDS contain future global predictions. Only four percent? Why so few? And why are most of them so dire?

Finally, this page includes comments, videos, links, and other information that explores the exceptionally poor track record of apocalyptic predictions (both past and present, from near-death experiences and elsewhere) and offers some concrete advise as to how to face — and constructively shape — whatever future awaits us.


Additional Near-Death Experience Predictions Are Posted Here


Posted March 12, 2016 on YouTube.

YouTube Video Description:

Rabbi Rami Levy and 15-year-old Natan. Chilling Testimony About The End of Days From A Youth Who Experienced Clinical Death. This fascinating video is starting to make the rounds as the word is spreading of 15-year-old Natan’s near-death, out-of-body experience that took place on the first night of Sukkot. Natan who comes from a secular background had never learnt before in Yeshiva, nonetheless he describes from his experience exactly what is written by the prophets and in the holy books regarding the end of days. If your Hebrew is OK, you are encouraged to watch the entire video. It will shake you up… I have listed some of the main points below. Fasten your seat belts…

1. Natan felt extremely ill with chills and a cold feeling in his hands and legs. His body shook, hurt and he suddenly found himself hovering over his body 6 feet in the air.

2. He kept rising and rising, saw the whole earth and eventually was lead to a tunnel.

3. He saw a light that was full of love and security. He can’t properly explain how amazing this was. (I will skip the part regarding his personal judgment and get to the part regarding the Moshiach and Gog and Magog that starts at 27:30).

4. The Moshiach is already here and is very well known! People will be very very surprised. His is a Baal Tshuva who has not sinned once since his tshuva. He also helps others to be chozer btshuva.

5. The war of Gog and Magog started on the 27th of Elul the 11th of September 2015, and it will get much worse in the weeks or months to come.

6. There will be a huge World War that will eventually lead the nations of the world to unite and attack Israel and Jerusalem.

7. The leader of the free world is know up above as Gog. Gog is none other than… Barack Hussein Obama.

8. The whole war will last only about two weeks.

9. The Jews who did not keep Torah and Mitzvot will die. (Hashem Y’rachem). The number will be in the millions. This is in addition to the non Jews who will also perish.

10. Tzahal will last only two days. Secular zionism (the flag, yom ha’atmaut) carries no merit.

11. Har Hazaitim will split into two and the Moshiach will be revealed. Moshiach will be able to sense by smell who is a real God fearing Jew and who is not.

12. Moshiach will fight against Gog and kill him. Gog will be buried in Israel.

13. During the war, two Atomic bombs will be shot at Israel and Hashem will suspend them in the air for two weeks. They will eventually fall on Tel Aviv and Haifa. Hashem Y’rachem.

14. Israel will be captured but the worthy will survive in Jerusalem.

15. The Moshiach will wear a garment that is stained in blood. The blood symbolizes all the Jews who were killed kidush Hashem. The Moshiach will then take revenge on the nations of the world who have oppressed us throughout the years.

16. It will take a very long time to burry all the dead.

17. Only those who do real tshuva will survive.

18. Those who make tshuva will inherit the highest level of heaven.

19. The Beit Hamikdash will descend from heaven and there will be a revival of the death. (This will take time and not happen immediately).


Edgar Cayce

“As to the changes physical again: The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles — so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in ’58 (1958) to ’98 (1998), when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the Name — and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.

“As to those things that deal with the mental of the Earth, these shall call upon the mountains to cover many. As ye have seen those in lowly places raised to those of power in the political, in the machinery of nation’s activities, so shall ye see those in high places reduced and calling on the waters of darkness to cover them. And those that in the inmost recesses of their selves awaken to the spiritual truths that are to be given, and those places that have acted in the capacity of teachers among men, the rottenness of those that have ministered in places will be brought to light, and turmoils and strifes shall enter. And, as there is the wavering of those that would enter as emissaries, as teachers, from the Throne of Life, the Throne of Light, the Throne of Immortality, and wage war in the air with those of darkness, then know ye that Armageddon is at hand….”

— Edgar Cayce Reading #3976-15, 1/19/34

“As to conditions in the geography of the world, of the country — changes here are gradually coming about. No wonder, then, that the entity feels the need, the necessity for change of central location. For, many portions of the East Coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the U.S. In the next few years land will appear in the Atlantic as well as in the Pacific. And what is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many battle fields of the present will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which THE NEW ORDER will carry on their trade as one with another. Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia — these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the lakes will empty into the Gulf, rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made. It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered. Then the area where the entity is now located (Virginia Beach) will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada; while the western land-much of that is to be disturbed — in this land — as, of course, much in other lands.”

—Edgar Cayce Reading #1152-11, 8/13/41

“Q. What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2,000 to 2,001 A.D.?

“A. When there is the shifting of the poles, or a new cycle begins.”

— Edgar Cayce Reading #826-8

To learn more about Edgar Cayce, his end-of-the-world predictions, and related topics, go here and here.


George Ritchie

In December of 1943, 20-year old George Ritchie died. While his lifeless body waited to be taken to the morgue, Ritchie encountered Jesus and was shown two visions of the Earth’s possible future:

“He [Jesus] opened a corridor through time which showed me increasing natural disasters coming upon the earth. There were more and more hurricanes and floods occurring over different areas of our planet. The earthquakes and volcanoes were increasing. We were becoming more and more selfish and self-righteous. Families were splitting, governments were breaking apart because people were thinking only of themselves. I saw armies marching on the United States from the south and explosions occurring over the entire world that were of a magnitude beyond my capacity to imagine. I realized if they continued, human life as we have known it could not continue to exist.

“Suddenly this corridor was closed off and a second corridor started to open through time. At the beginning they appeared very similar but the farther the second one unfolded, the more different it became. The planet grew more peaceful. Man and nature both were better. Man was not as critical of himself or others. He was not as destructive of nature and he was beginning to understand what love is. Then we stood at a place in time where we were more like the beings in the fourth and fifth realm. The Lord sent the mental message to me: ‘It is left to man which direction he shall choose. I came to this planet to show you through the life I led how to love. Without our Father you can do nothing, neither could I. I showed you this. You have forty-five years.’

“He then gave me orders to return to the human plane and mentally said, ‘You have forty-five years.'”

This prediction appears in George Ritchie’s book, Ordered to Return: My Life After Dying (pages 45-46). Ritchie received this command over 77 years ago, in 1943. He died in October of 2007. The modern-day near-death movement traces back to Ritchie’s near-death experience because it was Ritchie (and his near-death experience) who inspired Raymond Moody to begin researching NDEs. To learn more about Ritchie and his famous NDE, go here.


Deputy Marty Breeden

Posted June 25, 2017 on YouTube.

First Excerpt (beginning at 7:50)

The very first thing I heard was the voice of The Lord. And it was undeniable and unmistakable and you know exactly who it is. It was the Lord Jesus Christ.

And I heard him say, “My church does not believe that I’m coming back soon.”

Then he said it again, with even more passion. He said, “My church does not really believe that I’m coming back soon.”

Then he said it yet again, with more passion and more power and he was even louder. And he said, “My church does not really believe that I’m coming back soon.”

And at that point I was almost like a school child. I started waving my hands and I said, “Lord, Lord, Lord, yes we do believe that you’re coming back soon. We sing about it. We preach about it. We pray about it. We study about it. Lord, we do believe that you’re coming back soon.”

And at this point… the timber and the tone of his voice changed. And he said, “My church does not really believe that I’m coming back soon for if they did they would not be living as they are.”

Then he pointed his finger at me — not in a mean way but he wanted to get his point across — he pointed his finger at me and he said, “I am coming back soon and my church is not ready.” And he said, “Go back and tell the things that you’ve heard and… know that your message will not be received.”

And at that point I came back into my body and they resuscitated me.

Second Except (beginning at 11:17)

The first night that I arrived at the University of Virginia, at the transitional care facility, that night I had a dream or vision. As Paul said, “Whether in the body or out of the body, I’m not sure” — but had this vision. I saw, it was almost like an aerial view, that there was a small oval-shaped light that looked like it was the shape of an egg…. This light began to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until all the sudden I realized that I was standing in the middle of a huge football stadium. There was no one there and it was night time. I looked up at the scoreboard and it said 2:13 and I immediately heard that same voice when I coded the first time. The voice of the Lord said, “My church should be living as though this is the 2-minute warning.”

I immediately woke up. God knows that I’m a huge football fan, so that comment made perfect sense to me. In the last 2 minutes of a football game, in the last 120 seconds, you do all that you can to build a strong opposition, to score as many points, to gain as many yards. If you’re winning the game, you build up a strong defense. You keep the enemy from scoring yards, from scoring points, from making progress. You do all that you can to make one last final push because the referee is about to blow the whistle and the game is about to be over. I knew exactly what the Lord meant when he said, “My church should be living as though this is the 2-minute warning.”

A few hours later, I was in a wheelchair. I was in my hospital room and I was looking out the window. I was thinking about this amazing visitation that I had had just a few hours earlier. I was looking out my window and there was a knock at my door.

I can barely speak because I still had part of part of the trake in [my throat]. I said, “Come in.”

And there were two ladies that walked in. They were obviously part of the medical staff. They had their medical gowns on and they walked in and they said, “Mr. Breeden, can we speak with you?'” And I said, “Of course you can.” So they came in and they introduced themselves and they sat down.

One lady introduced herself. She gave me her name and she said, “Mr. Breeden, I will be your physical therapist while you’re here with us.” And then she introduced the other girl and said, “She will be your occupational therapist… We want to talk to you about your transition, about your recovery, and some of the things that we are going to propose doing.”

And we spoke for a few moments and then the conversation took a very odd turn. The physical therapist looked at me and said, “Mr. Breeden, can I ask you a personal question?” I said, “Of course you can.” And she said, “Would you consider yourself a man of faith?” And I said, “Well, I certainly haven’t always lived it, I’ve not always been the best example, but, yes, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian.”

And she looked at the other lady and they smiled at one another. And I said, “Ladies” — and I could barely talk, so I said this through a whisper — “I’m not at all offended by your question, but that’s kind of an odd question for a physical therapist to ask a patient, isn’t it?”

And she said, “Let me tell you something Mr. Breeden. We had no intention of coming and seeing you this morning. Becky and I were going to see other patients this morning when we passed in the hall. She was going one way and I was going the other way. We are both spiritual Christians. We are both followers of Jesus. We hear from the Lord. As we were passing in the hall, when we got in front of your door, we both saw, in the spirit, the number 2 superimposed on your door.”

One of the women asked, “Lord what does that mean?” She said the Holy Spirit spoke to her and said, “Go in and ask that man if he knows what the number 2 means and he’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.”

So they came in and asked me. And I told them that only hours earlier, I had had a vision. I told them exactly what had taken place. And we were all astonished! In a million years, it would be impossible to make that up. It was absolutely amazing. And I was able to tell them what I heard. And what the church should be doing…

Let me fast forward a little bit. They called me — at the transitional care facility — they called me “the miracle man” because I had coded twice and there was no reason for me to be here. And I would tell them when they said that to me, “No, I’m not the miracle man, but I do happen to know him very well…”


Kathy Baker

Posted April 10, 2011 on YouTube.

Kathy Baker describes the predictions she received during her near-death experience. Her prediction comments begin at 7:10 in this video.


“Three beings appeared to me and they told me what the meaning of life was. What I was supposed to do. And future events that were going to take place in this world. The events were not one of happy times, but very hard, difficult, painful times. We were going to suffer beyond belief. There was going to be a lot of earth changes, volcanoes, earthquakes. We were going to have a war that was going to be unrecognizable to us. They also told me that we would be going into a depression unlike any depression we’ve ever experienced. A lot of lives would be lost, but a lot would make it through. And in the end, life would be one that we have never experienced of such beauty and love. We would be on a much heightened level in our minds and in our souls. They told me that I would not remember everything that they had said. Then they told me I had to go back…”


Nicole Dron

Posted February 13, 2018 on YouTube


“How did you love?”

“What did you do to help others?”

“I was shown that we were at a crossroads. I experienced this in 1968. I was told there would be an unemployment growth that would spread across the globe. Everything was flourishing at the time. I was told about a plague that would spread all over the world. And I was shown everything that could happen on Earth if we didn’t change — and this ‘if” is of critical importance. It’s our piece of freedom in a way. I was shown that things are unfortunately happening these days, as earthquakes, environmental issues, tsunamis, etc. But what I saw, and what worries me the most, is the emergence of unbelievable violence. This violence scared me. We are all somehow responsible for it.

“There I saw what my life would be, when I come back, between the moment when I come back, and the moment when I finally leave. I would be put on many trials and suffering. I saw myself crying many times. I asked myself: ‘What have I done to God to deserve all these trials and sufferings?’ I was told that before I was born, I had accepted all of this because through them I would grow. There was some selfish part of me which made me ask: ‘May I be given in one life what I have to live in other lives on this Earth?’ because for me the Earth is a real hell and I did not want to come back. I was told that they could not give me more (weight) than my shoulders could carry.”


Angela Williams

“I remember asking God, ‘How does this end?’ You know what I mean? ‘Is everything going to be okay?’ I had that curiosity. And the light parted and I was shown Earth from above and I saw these silver streaks coming off of Earth… I knew God was showing me peace on Earth… He was showing me and telling me at the same time, and I don’t know how to explain that, but that was one thing that was so prevalent… it’s like the past, present and future is all happening at the same time… When I looked at Earth, I immediately knew that it was peace on Earth that I was looking at, but I [also] knew that it was in the future and it was not in my lifetime. God told me that. He was showing me, yes, it does happen, there is going to be peace on Earth. But I immediately knew it was not in my lifetime.”

— NDEr Angela Williams being interviewed by Lee Witting on NDE Radio


May, James & Rashad – A Shared Near-Death Experience


We saw that the sparkling lights were tiny, transparent bubbles that drifted in the air and sparkled on the grass. We realized that each tiny sparkle was a soul. To me, the valley appeared to be Heaven, but at the same time I knew that James and Rashad were seeing it differently. James saw it as the Gulf of Souls. Rashad saw it as Nirvana, and somehow we knew all this without speaking. The light began gathering at the far end of the valley, and slowly, out of the mist, a pure white being began to materialize. I saw an angel with a strong, bright face, but not like you’d usually imagine. She was closer to a strong, Viking Valkyrie. I knew she was the special angel that watches over the women of my family, and I perceived her name to be Hellena. James saw this same being as his late father, a career Naval officer, in a white dress uniform. Rashad perceived the being to be the Enlightened One, or Buddha.

The being spoke first to Rashad and welcomed him. He said that Rashad’s time on Earth was done. He was worthy now of Nirvana. Rashad asked why James and I were there and was told that we were part of the reason why he was worthy of Nirvana. His two great friends loved him so much that they had willingly accompanied him on his last journey. At the same time, however, James received a different message. He had been worried about what his father would think about his anti-war protest activities, and his father told him he was proud of him for standing up for what he believed. He knew he was not a coward because a coward would not have made this journey with Rashad. I received yet another message in which Hellena told me she was glad I had remembered the example of strength, honesty, wisdom, and loyalty taught to me by my family.

We spent what seemed like an eternity in this place as we talked to our separate, yet joined, entities. They said they appeared to us in this way because back in the real world we were physically joined when the lightning struck us. They said it also symbolized the joining of all religions and doctrines. They said I would live to see a new age of tolerance, that the souls and hearts of humanity would be joined as the three of us were.

The guides taught us that doctrine and creed and race meant nothing. No matter what we believed we were all children joined under one God, and that the only rule was God’s true law — do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We should treat all people as if they were a part of our soul because they were. All living things in the universe were connected to one another. They said that soon humanity would mature enough to assume a higher place in the universal scheme of things, but until then we must learn acceptance and tolerance and love for each other. They said there would come a new age when people would not be able to endure seeing others homeless and hungry. We would realize that only by helping each other could we truly help ourselves.

Eventually we were told that it was time to go. We would not be allowed to stay longer because it was not yet time for me or for James, only for Rashad. The enlightened one told Rashad he would have a little time before he returned to take care of his worldly affairs. James’ father told him he would return to this place soon after Rashad, but the two of them had to go back for now so that I could. I said I would willing stay here in this valley with them, but Hellena told me that I had not fulfilled my destiny; that I had children yet unborn.

We drifted slowly toward the archway. The pull became stronger and we were literally thrown back into the world. We floated for a while there, hovering above our bodies. Some of my cousins had been in the next field and had seen what had happened. We saw them all come running to where we lay. James and Rashad’s hands were still stuck to my arms. We saw my cousins pry their fingers loose so they could turn Rashad over to help him.

When our hands were pried loose, James and I re-entered our bodies. We felt as if we were on fire, but it turned out that we had only minor injuries. Rashad, it seemed, being on the end, had taken most of the charge. The doctors said that the lightning had caused damage to his heart, lungs, and liver. He remained in the hospital for several weeks. During that time, tests revealed that James had a brain tumor that would eventually claim his life.

As soon as Rashad could travel, James took him home to India. He offered to stay, but Rashad told him that he wished solitude for his final time. Rashad took on the life of the Ascetic, in the Vedic tradition. He asked his wife to stay with her family because he wanted his last days to be spent in spiritual awakenings. About a year and a half later, on a cold day in January, Rashad returned to Nirvana. James and I knew when his soul left the world without being told.

James lived about three years after he found out he had the brain tumor. He gave most of his considerable inheritance to a charity that educated young people in India. I, on the other hand, have survived for another thirty years (so far) with the knowledge that this experience which I shared with my closest friends has been a guiding force in my life. I strive every day to meet my destiny, whatever it may be, with the same quiet dignity and resolution they showed when they met theirs. They have truly been my pathfinders, and I know that the connection I shared with them so long ago is the same connection we all share. We just sometimes fail to realize it.


Excerpted from Answers from Heaven: The Near-Death Experiences of Reinee Pasarow
Chapter 8, Our Past, Our Present, Our Future
By Reinee Pasarow
First Published February 16, 2018

“This being showed me the development of humankind from the beginning of time to some point in the future. This was shown in a holographic sense; in a way that we cannot really perceive in this plane of existence. I perceived, as an archetypal individual, the stages of mankind’s development. It was as though I was some sort of time traveler, experiencing life in the various stages of man’s development as if I were one of them, living amongst them. I felt the Neanderthal — how brutish, dark, needy, and self-centered man was at that particular stage of existence. I felt the conniving politicality of the Romans who thought they were all-powerful in the days of Christ. I felt the great surge of hope surrounding the development of the scientific revolution during the time of the Renaissance. I was impressed with the importance of our new rationality. Then I moved to the current time…

“I became aware that now, in this age, we exist on the precipice of the greatest choice, and the greatest step in our development as a human race. This is the most critical point in our evolution that has ever occurred on the face of this planet. We now have to make the choice as individuals and as a people, to establish unity, peace, and harmony throughout the world. Human beings HAVE to learn how to live together peacefully. Humanity MUST deal with all the obstacles to unity before a new era of universal peace will come. This is the step where we humans will learn how to become truly spiritual human beings on this earth.

“I then saw that there was a small group of people who I knew to be THE JUST — this was the title in words. These people, The Just, were working diligently, striving to bring about peace and unity, to bring about a new way of being and relating. They were trying to develop a new spiritual-social reality which is sorely needed at this point in time. They were striving to bring hope to the world. These people were not powerful. They were not wealthy. They did not have tremendous institutions or powers of influence. They were young and struggling.

“In the process of their struggle to build a new civilization, simultaneously with this wonderful process, there was a great chaos and destruction going throughout the world. People were becoming more and more divided along lines of nationality, skin color, economics, politics, gender, and religion. I saw people holding on passionately to their divisive ideas. People began to polarize, to fight and wage wars all over the world and to be filled with hatred. There was a great destruction of our moral fiber and our love for one another. I saw all of our systems and institutions breaking down into chaos: governments, our educational systems, religious institutions, financial, medical, scientific — all of these systems were breaking down to the point that society was becoming reduced to bands of people acting like ravenous wolves. People were roving the streets filled with hatred, selfishness, and darkness. This terrible sense of division and polarization, especially of race and religion, evolved to the point that every religion was fighting every other religion on the face of the planet — except for the religion of The Just.

“The vision of the future I received during my near-death experience was one of tremendous upheaval in the world as a result of our general ignorance of TRUE reality. The ultimate reality is our spiritual reality — that constant, lasting, abiding reality that doesn’t change with the whims, fancies, and vicissitudes of the human world. I was informed that humanity was breaking the laws of the universe, and as a result of this would suffer. The suffering was not due to vengeance of an indignant God, but rather like the pain one might suffer as a result of arrogantly defying the law of gravity. It was to be an inevitable, educational cleansing of the Earth that would creep up upon its inhabitants, who would try to hide blindly in the institutions of politics, science, and religion. Humanity, I was told, was consumed by the cancers of arrogance, materialism, racism, selfishness, greed, chauvinism, and separatist thinking. I saw sense turning to nonsense, and calamity, in the end, turning to providence.

“With this destruction came the destruction of our physical environment, because we were totally unaware of our impact upon physical reality. Along with this great polarization and division among the people, I also saw a great breakdown in love, and that brought a great breakdown of our natural systems. First a hole appeared in the sky, and then the sky broke. The earth began to fracture, to break apart, reflecting the polarization and breaking apart of human society. The sky, and then the earth, broke and shattered as a result of our toxic and polluted hearts. Love is so VERY CRITICAL to our wellbeing as a people, and a lack of it only brings destruction.

“At the end of this general period of transition, humanity was to be ‘born anew’ with a new sense of our place in the universe. The birth process, however, as in all kingdoms, was exquisitely painful. Humanity would emerge humbled yet educated, peaceful, and, at last, unified.”

To learn more about near-death experiencer Reinee Pasarow, go here.


Howard Storm

Posted March 3, 2019 on YouTube

Excerpts (beginning at 06:55):

Tricia Barker: You get a lot of questions about end of the world scenarios… What are your thoughts on those types of questions?

Howard Storm: Probably a huge disappointment because Jesus showed me a future in 200 years which was like a paradise. I figured he was serious about that. I did ask him how we’re going to get there and he said, “One of two ways.” I said, “Well, tell me how we’re going to do it.” He said, “The way God wants is for people to come to God and to be kinder and more loving. Of course much more respectful of the planet and of each other and it’ll come about very rapidly… because God is really unhappy with what we are doing with each other and the planet.”

I want to say something about that. When a child is abused, God feels that pain. People don’t appreciate how much God feels. The abuse of a child can be in an affluent home or it can be in an underdeveloped country where there are refugees and they are being starved and parents are killed and they are on the run. God has a great love for children. A great love for the poor. A great love for the downtrodden and it’s completely unnecessary. There’s an abundance of resources on the planet right now for every man, woman, and child to have a decent life and an opportunity for work, education, health, etc.

Instead there’s an inequitable distribution of these resources and so we in America who live in a very affluent society, whether we want to recognize it or not, are part of the inequity of this world. God’s unhappy. Very unhappy about this. Jesus came 2000 years ago and sometimes I wonder what impact has he had at all. You know? In the last 100 years, we started to do things like pass child labor laws. 2000 years ago Jesus came. And it’s only in the last 100 years we’ve passed child labor laws. It’s only in the last 100 years we’ve started to think about equality of women with men, which we have by no means achieved. And in some parts of the world it’s not even an issue. There’s places in the world where female children aren’t allowed to go to school. These are all grieving God and Jesus told me that if we don’t change this world very, very soon, God’s going to change it. The way it’s going to come about is there will be a collapse of civilization primarily through the whole electrical system will fail. Which will mean an end of commerce. Jesus showed me all this step by step by step in detail.

I’m not going to go into the gory details, but when the economic system fails, there’s no transportation. There’s no buying and selling. There’s no food. There’s no food because like I went to the grocery store yesterday and I got stuff from Ecuador, right? That’s going to come to an end without electronics.

It’s going to be terrible and when that happens, the worst in people will come out and they will start killing each other over a can of food, over basic resources and it will be horrible.

Tricia Barker: I throw out percentages at people, trying to get them to change because sometimes logic gets to me. Someone was talking about human trafficking is a $10 billion industry, which sounds like a lot of money. We spend that much money on blue jeans in the United States. I had trouble buying blue jeans after that. I went to thrift stores and whatever I got back from my income tax return, I looked at what I could give to end human trafficking. Because I thought that’s not a ton of money. What American’s spend on potato chips and blue jeans could end that suffering across the entire world. If that would just sink in to people’s heads, I think if we ended human trafficking, we’d feel so much better about ourselves than getting a new pair of blue jeans. Yet it hurts. I think it hurts people to give up a part of themselves and they don’t often do it.

Howard Storm: And just simply to get involved. To care.

Tricia Barker: It’s vital and I always give students the option of community and working together even in a situation like an electrical grid disaster. People who work together to grow a garden it seems like they would be better off than people who are fighting each other…

Howard Storm: There will be a remnant that will survive all this. The only way they’re going to survive — and you said it — is through community.

Tricia Barker: Yes. Very, very interesting. Any other questions people often email you or want to know?

Howard Storm: Yeah, they want to know when the end of the world is and when Jesus is coming and I say, “If I told you I knew, it would destroy my credibility because no one knows.” That’s really, really clear in the scripture. So anybody that’s going around saying they know when the end of the world is and when Jesus is coming, you can be certain that they’re a false prophet. I’m trying to maintain my credibility as a prophet here by saying I don’t know…

To learn more about near-death experiencer Howard Storm, go here.


Howard Storm – The Plan


Kenneth Leth

Posted June 5, 2018 on YouTube

Excerpts (beginning at 49:57):

Tricia Barker: How much of the future do you think you were shown?

Kenneth Leth: It got really intense at about the time I saw — I believe — President Trump will be impeached. About the time that happens, our country is going to go through a TERRIBLE disruption… After I had viewed the future, Mother [Mother Mary] took me aside and we had a conversation about me returning to Earth and what would my life me like. She said, “I need to protect you because I don’t want you to become a prophet. If you become a prophet when you’re a child, your life is going to be really difficult. So I’m going to erase some of your memories.” And she did. She reached into what I had viewed… and sort of smoothed that all out and she said, “This will protect you when you’re younger and you return to Earth. But when you’re older, all this will come back to you.” And it has.

Tricia Barker: At what point did it start coming back to you?

Kenneth Leth: I didn’t remember much of the future until I had a very intense dream. I was in my early twenties. I was living in Denver. I had a very intense dream. God — His voice — woke me up. In my dream, I was in my small, hometown church. I was naked and hiding behind the pews in back. I didn’t feel like I could approach God. He was up on the altar and there was a bubbling stream. There was grass. There were flowers. There were birds. It was beautiful. He called out to me in that rubbling voice: “Kenneth Peter Leth. Will you approach Me?” I peaked out from being the pews and said, “No, I don’t think I’m ready.” And immediately, the dream ended and the months, the weeks, the years following that, my memories of the future all came back to me. So the first time I wrote my near-death account took place when I was 24 or 25…

Tricia Barker: I always put forward this idea that there’s always hope if we focus more on community instead of competition, if we focus on love for one another instead of fear. Do you see some hope for this country — and other countries — if we change our focus?

Kenneth Leth: I believe the future can be changed, but I was shown that after the chaos… I really don’t want to scare people because what I saw was very destructive. I need to tell the truth, so I hope it’s OK. I saw, eventually, after Donald Trump is impeached, that the country is split, divided between East and West. Eventually an army from the West will approach the East and there will be a TERRIBLE war. But, on the good side, what I was shown was that when the war is over, the United States will be cleaned. We’ll be back on the right track. Beyond that though, I saw a terrible explosion happen that wipes out most of life on the North American continent, including Canada, the United States. A terrible explosion, it was like a ring of white in the center and I’m starting to wonder if maybe it wasn’t the caldera in Yellowstone that exploded and a white ring went completely across the nation, from east to west. Wipes out most of life. But then I was shown the future beyond that: People living very humble, happy lives. I remember being told, “So you see, Ken, in the future, everything will get better and humanity will be back on track and all the mistakes that have been made in the past will be wiped clean. And everything will be good again.” So there is something to look forward to, but unfortunately, to answer your question directly, “Can we avoid the chaos? Can we avoid the war?” I wasn’t shown that option. I was shown that it’s going to take place because it must…

Tricia Barker: My hope is always within individual communities — even during the Great Depression, there are people who become millionaires, even during times of war, there are people who remain in peace — my hope is that every community… can send their love for one another and create pockets of love, even during destructive times.

Kenneth Leth: Yes, I can confirm that. I did see people doing very good things for one another in the chaos — helping each other, protecting each other, those type of things, I did see that.

To summarize what I saw, it was all based on what my personal future would be. I was told, “This is what you will witness if you go back to Earth.” … I’m living in Nebraska now. I believe that’s where I’m supposed to be. I will probably support and help the army from the West because they will be the ones that win. I was shown that the final battle will take place somewhere around Georgia, Atlanta. And when it’s over, people will be shaking their heads, wondering, “Why did we fight? Why did we do this? Why did we believe so many wrong things?” It upsets me, too. I don’t want it to happen. If I could stop it, I would. But at the same time, Mother told me, “Nobody is going to change behaviors by anything you say.” I was told that my personal influence in the world is not going to change anything. I can talk about it, but it’s going to happen in spite of me…

I would hate to leave this session with the notion that something positive cannot be done to prevent chaos in the United States. Actually, I believe something can be done and it takes people like you and I to keep communicating and keep educating, to keep telling people that there are better ways. Living the rat race and focusing only on making money and acquiring material things is not the way to live your life. Learn to connect with nature. Learn to meditate. Learn to open up yourself to the possibility that you don’t need to go through a church to get to Heaven. If you learn to meditate, learn to love yourself, learn to forgive yourself, and truly treat others as you wish they would treat you, things will get better. And maybe we can put a dent in some of that chaos. It doesn’t have to happen…

Click here to read an earlier version of Ken’s story, published under the name Leonard K.


Mellen-Thomas Benedict

I did, on the other side, ask about the future of the world and was shown the history of prophecy. I was also shown that all the prophecies about the end of the world end in most of our lifetimes… and it’s going to be a paradigm shift because we are going to get past all this end of the world stuff. In fact, you give me any date the world is going to end and I’ll bet the farm on it — that it won’t end.

I went over to the other side with a lot of fears about toxic waste, nuclear missiles, the population explosion, the rainforest. I came back loving every single problem. I love nuclear waste. I love the mushroom cloud; this is the holiest mandala that we have manifested to date, as an archetype. It, more than any religion or philosophy on Earth, brought us together all of a sudden, to a new level of consciousness. Knowing that maybe we can blow up the planet fifty times, or 500 times, we finally realize that maybe we are all here together now. For a period they had to keep setting off more bombs to get it in to us. Then we started saying, “We do not need this any more.”

Now we are actually in a safer world than we have ever been in, and it is going to get safer. So I came back loving toxic waste, because it brought us together. These things are so big. As Peter Russell might say, these problems are now “soul size.” Do we have soul size answers? YES!

The clearing of the rain forest will slow down, and in fifty years there will be more trees on the planet than in a long time. If you are into ecology, go for it; you are that part of the system that is becoming aware. Go for it with all your might, but do not be depressed. It is part of a larger thing.

Earth is in the process of domesticating itself. It is never again going to be as wild a place as it once was. There will be great wild places, reserves where nature thrives. Gardening and reserves will be the thing in the future. Population increase is getting very close to the optimal range of energy to cause a shift in consciousness. That shift in consciousness will change politics, money, energy…

To learn more about near-death experiencer Mellen-Thomas Benedict, go here.


Posted September 9, 2019 on YouTube

Click on the graphics below to view some of the slides presented by Robert Mays in his Prophetic Visions presentation.
All of the slides from this presentation are available here (pdf)

After reviewing near-death experiences collected by IANDS, Robert discovered that only 4 percent of near-death experiencers report global visions of the future.


Excerpted from Heading Toward Omega
Chapter 8, Planetary Visions of Near-Death Experiencers
By Kenneth Ring
First published December 17, 1985

“One of the bits of knowledge that John Audette [who later became a cofounder of IANDS and its first executive director] imparted to me late one evening struck me quite forcibly. He told me that he had met a few people whom Moody had first interviewed, who all independently seemed to have had a vision of the planet’s future in conjunction with their NDE. That in itself wasn’t so astonishing, of course, but what John went on to tell me was of more than passing interest. All of them, he said, had had essentially the same vision and that it was one of widespread and cataclysmic destruction. Furthermore, they all appeared to agree on the year in which these events were to take place. The year was 1988.”

“I have located sixteen NDErs who claim to have had planetary visions. Even though this sample is obviously very small, I feel that in view of the possible significance of my findings it is justified to publish these data in this form and at this time.”

“Prophetic visions differ from PFs (personal flashforwards) in two principal ways: (1) Prophetic visions (PVs) relate to future events that have a global rather than a personal focus; (2) they are highly consistent from person to person. This latter characteristic makes them especially remarkable, just as it was the overall similarities among NDEs in general that captured the attention of researchers and the public during the 1970s.”

“I have already indicated that the broad outlines of the PV are much the same for different individuals. Indeed, PVs — as an aspect of NDEs — are analogous to NDEs as a whole in the sense that though no two are identical, the elements that comprise them occur again and again and form a coherent pattern. Keeping in mind that the number of cases of PVs in this sample is so small that any overall account must be regarded as extremely provisional, it is nevertheless possible to give the following summary of it. It is chiefly that everyone I have talked to has given me a PV that conforms, at least broadly, to this model that emboldens me to offer it at all at this time.

“There is, first of all, a sense of having total knowledge, but specifically one is aware of seeing the entirety of the earth’s evolution and history, from the beginning to the end of time. The future scenario, however, is usually of short duration, seldom extending much beyond the beginning of the twenty-first century. The individuals report that in this decade there will be an increasing incidence of earthquakes, volcanic activity, and generally massive geophysical changes. There will be resultant disturbances in weather patterns and food supplies. The world economic system will collapse, and the possibility of nuclear war or accident is very great (respondents are not agreed on whether a nuclear catastrophe will occur). All of these events are transitional rather than ultimate, however, and they will be followed by a new era in human history marked by human brotherhood, universal love, and world peace. Though many will die, the earth will live. While agreeing that the dates for these events are not fixed, most individuals feel that they are likely to take place during the 1980s.”

“This has been an unsettling chapter whose implications are, despite my own interpretation of PVs, likely still to prove troublesome to most readers. Surely no one could entertain the thought of a ‘planetary near-death experience’ with equanimity even if the ultimate outcome were to be a golden age of some kind. We are therefore motivated to find some way to discount these images of the future, or to question the people whose visions have forced us to become aware of them. No one wants to think of their children growing up only to face a holocaust of global proportions.

“And yet we must force ourselves to confront the question that even the alternative-futures interpretation cannot answer: Why only this scenario? Why is it that if alternate futures are possible, only this particular one seems to dominate the visions of NDErs? We need to seek the meaning of this ineluctable and disturbing fact rather than just casting it aside as a bizarre if frightening anomaly of NDEs.

“For my part, I am convinced that there is a deeper meaning to these PVs than we have as yet discerned, and it is something that goes beyond any of the explanations I have offered for them in this chapter.”


The Weakest Evidential Link Is The Apocalyptic Visions
By Jody Long


I know a lot of people are feeling angst and despair. I have been running the consciousness websites nderf.org, adcrf.org and oberf.org for over 20 years now. (NDE, ADC, and anything else not an NDE or ADC) In Heading for Omega, Ken Ring did a section on apocalyptic dreams from the 1970s. Not one of them came true. We also have several of these in the NDEs or even the spiritually transformative experiences. I would have to say that out of the 15,000+ experiences that people have shared with us over the years, the weakest evidential link is the apocalyptic visions.

I have thought a lot about these and why that might be. I think that when people have these types of dreams they can come from two sources — either the emotional body or the spiritual body. Many people in our field are empaths, so they absorb negativity from around them. Then it comes out in symbology in our dreams. Many people may be sensing those around you — it scares you and you feel despair. The other concept is if the experience has its origins in spirit. If it is a message from spirit, spirit has access to all probable possibilities. What a person might have seen could be a probable future, but not necessarily our particular timeline future.

Please try not to despair or go into a depression tailspin. Many of us are here to hold the light. What that means is to release the negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, depression, despair, and choose to focus on love and light. Give love and kindness to everyone. Rest assured that we chose this life for a reason and that all will be well. Trust YOUR spirit.


NDErs Who Bring Back Apocalyptic Predictions For The Future Are Almost Always Wrong
By David Sunfellow


If you study apocalyptic, end-of-the-world predictions from around the world, across time and cultures, you discover the track record for these kinds of predictions is universally awful. They almost never happen, especially when specific dates are predicted.

And what is true of general end-of-the-world predictions is also true for near-death experiences. While few in number, those NDErs who do bring back apocalyptic predictions for the future are almost always wrong.


While NDEs have an abysmal track record when it comes to predicting global catastrophes, their track record improves dramatically when it comes to predicting future events in their personal lives. In this arena, the predictive power of near-death experiences deserves to be taken seriously.

— Quotes 453, 454 from 500 Quotes From Heaven


What follows is a discussion that originally appeared on NHNE’s Main NDE Network in November of 2015. Additional links and resources have been added since then.


David Sunfellow Writes:

Many NDErs return to Earth with very dramatic predictions about the world ending. Each version tends to be wrapped in the packages of the tradition and/or culture that the NDEr is born into. And, of course, they rarely unfold the way the near-death experiencer predicts. That’s not to say that no future predictions come true, because many personal ones do end up happening (predictions of having children and grandchildren, of moving, changing careers, meeting future husbands and wives, even when we will die and pass over to the other side). But end-of-the-world scenarios, they are notoriously unreliable. While “the spirit of the prediction” can be true (an old world is dying and a new one is being born), the specific details are almost always wrong, especially when they provide concrete dates and insist that one group of people are going to emerge victorious over all the other sinning humans on the planet. History is full of these kind of stories.

One sad American story revolves around The Ghost Dance. Here’s how Wikipedia describes it:

“The Ghost Dance was a new religious movement incorporated into numerous Native American belief systems. According to the teachings of the Northern Paiute spiritual leader Wovoka, proper practice of the dance would reunite the living with spirits of the dead, bring the spirits of the dead to fight on their behalf, make the white colonists leave, and bring peace, prosperity, and unity to native peoples throughout the region… The practice swept throughout much of the Western United States, quickly reaching areas of California and Oklahoma… The Ghost Dance was associated with Wovoka’s prophecy of an end to white expansion while preaching goals of clean living, an honest life, and cross-cultural cooperation by Native Americans… In the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890, U.S. Army forces killed at least 153 Miniconjou and Hunkpapa from the Lakota people.”

Did the world end the way that Wovoka predicted it would? No. A lot of Native Americans did loose their lives though believing it would. These tragic stories are found all over the world, in both ancient and modern times.

What I’ve noticed is that prophetic figures with end-of-the-world visions tend to rise when cultures are being faced with great change. This is especially true when their existence is threatened.

One reason I know a lot about this is because I came of age in a tradition that believed the world was going to end. For years, I believed, parroted, and promoted predictions that the famous American psychic Edgar Cayce channeled (which didn’t come true either). When it finally became clear to me that Cayce was wrong (and that there was also something wrong with me for buying into an end-of-the-world scenario hook, line, and sinker), I wrote a special report about it and began paying close attention to others who had followed similar paths. You can find a few relevant reports posted here:

Frontline’s “Apocalypse!” (1999)

Earth Changes & Millennium Fever (1997)

NHNE Earth Changes Composite Map (1997)

To be fair, entire cultures do end — sometimes overnight.

There are also many, many end-of-the-world scenarios that are science-based. We could get smacked by an asteroid. We could get fried by a gamma-ray burst. A giant solar flair could toast the planet. The electromagnetic fields that shield the Earth from the sun could fail. Super volcanoes could erupt. And on and on. You can find a list of 20 end-of-the-world scenarios posted here. On a smaller scale, this article outlines realistic scenarios for how western civilization could collapse.

After pondering all of this for decades, I finally created a generic list of suggestions for how to deal with any end-of-the-world scenarios:

Twelve “Any Time, Any Place” Survival Tips

If you haven’t already, it might be helpful to read the near-death experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict. His near-death experience provides helpful insights into how various cultures create elaborate realms that people who are aligned with these realms (and belief systems) can tap into. When a person who is aligned with one of these realms has a near-death experience, that’s the realm they visit, complete with the religious figures, customs, scriptures, family members, and visions that are associated with it. They mistakenly think that their experience is the same for everyone. It isn’t. It is similar for people who are aligned with the same realm and belief systems that they are, but different for people who aren’t. Benedict’s story is located here.

Finally, Kevin Williams of Near-Death.com has a helpful collection of NDE predictions posted here. One thing that I think is important to note is that religious predictions where one people is predicted to survive while all others are killed off are cut from a different cloth than predictions that warn of environmental disasters and the collapse of people, societies, and systems that are driven by unloving thoughts and actions. There is not only more evidence of the second kind of predictions coming true, but they are clearly more based in universal truths. While NDEs as a whole insist that God loves everyone, NDEs also champion the idea that unloving thoughts and actions do produce all kinds of disasters, in both our personal and collective lives, in this world and the next.


Steve Krause Writes:

This particular NDE [the 15-year-old Jewish boy’s NDE] seems like a real anomaly when compared to most I’ve seen.


David Sunfellow Writes:

Steve, NDE end-of-the-world predictions are not anomalies. They are a significant part of many NDEs. You can find a good collection of these kind of predictions posted here.


Steve Krause Writes:

David, it wasn’t so much the end of the world aspect of this NDE that I found anomalous, but the overall dark and frightening tone of it. The majority of the NDEs I’m familiar are uplifting and positive and speak of a god that loves us unconditionally and who works everything together for our good.


David Sunfellow Writes:

Steve, while it’s true that most NDEs are uplifting and full of love and light, a significant number of them — somewhere between 5 and 20 percent (maybe more) — report darker experiences. This is one of the 800 pound gorillas that the NDE community tends to avoid. And so do people who have these experiences. They can be so profoundly upsetting that very few people want to talk about them. But we need to. Thankfully, this topic isn’t being completely ignored anymore. You can learn more about these experiences by going here: NDEs & Hell. Kevin Williams also has a very helpful resource page for these experiences on his website: Hell and the Near-Death Experience.


David Sunfellow Writes:

For those of you who may be interested, here’s another Jewish NDE that contains many of the classic Jewish elements that Nathan’s NDE did. It comes from NDEr Alon Anava.

Alon Anava also provides a great example of seeing personal future events before they happened.


Norman Van Rooy Writes:

I love Nancy Evans Bush…really an amazingly loving and highly intelligent woman. She is like the classic “Wise Woman” of the forest who knows things on a deep level where archetypes roam. She also is a big fan of Carl Jung and refers to his work often. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who was a protege of Freud, wrote a fairly easy to read and fascinating book entitled, “Memories, Dreams, and Reflections.” I would highly recommend all to read it. In fact towards the end of the book he describes in some detail his own NDE and his understanding of it. You will find him to be a kindred spirit who was able to access his unconscious as well as our collective unconscious with remarkable insight…a beautiful blend of rigorous scientific thought along with the intuitive and mystical aspects of being. He predicted WWII well before Hitler had risen to power by understanding the collective dreams of his clients.

I find it interesting that since the 80’s and especially that last 10 years the subject of the “end of the world” has gained much common currency. If you look at television programming and movies as a sort of public collective dream mirror of our unconscious you will see an ever increasing fascination with war and the apocalypse. Vampires, the walking dead, post apocalyptic landscapes strewn with various dramas of survival seem to point to a collective unconscious expectation of great uncertainty and a shadowy cloud of doom lies ahead. And, when we look at the alarming rapidity of climate change taking into consideration the melting poles and methane releases off the Siberian shelf, the future indeed looks bleak. Given the complete saturation of oil into every aspect of our lives and economy, I see no possibility of a quick turn around. This globalized monetary/economic machine is like a HUGE oil tanker headed for collision into the shore with no propeller or engine to stop it. Our world wide consumption of every possible fantasy product is eating the planet alive. Political systems world wide that makes the big decisions are divisive and utterly morally bankrupt while at the same time behaving in aggressive cutthroat and reckless ways. It is too late for any action to be effective. Might as well have that 10 mile wide asteroid heading straight to earth scenario.

The predictions of famine, draught, disease, earthquakes, and pandemonium seem inevitable to happen. So we must prepare ourselves spiritually for our response when this all starts falling apart. Now. Are we going to react with fear and scarcity or love and creativeness? I am not fooled into thinking that this will be a gradual process and that we will be able to adapt or acclimatize using our superior intellect…it will happen fast. In 1187 B.C.E. give or take a few years the world was knit together in the first globalized community of nations. There were nine different empires/states that depended on each other for trade and commerce. Life was good, very good, there was peace…and then rather suddenly there was collapse. Draught, famine, invasion by “sea peoples”, and earthquakes so stressed out the entire Mediterranean region that these societies utterly collapsed, one after the other, within a span of 50 years. This was the first globalized world and we are living in the second truly globalized world. The only one that survived back then, though weakened substantially, was Egypt. This was just about the time of Joseph and the story of Egypt’s famine of seven years.

Currently all of the major industrialized countries central bank’s are printing money like it is going out of style. This economic strategy is doomed for failure…and it WILL fail…and when it does this time watch out…many of the predictions of civil unrest will happen. The zombies (metaphorically) may roam the streets looking for weapons and anything to eat. Isis may very well be the next mongolian type horde that could sweep across the Middle East and into Europe. So is there a chance that we are experiencing the “last days”? I think so, though I would love to be wrong and hope for some kind of reasonable resolution to our energy problems, our population problems, and our nutrition problems.

I believe in my observations and yet I still hope somehow “it” will get fixed. The only thing that could possibly happen to remedy the situation is if GOD intervenes (kinda against his rules but there are exceptions in history) in a way that fulfills Jesus’ prophesy that said “had God not shortened those days everyone would have perished.” So with that hope I do pray that GOD will intervene to preserve his children and his earth. How that intervention may look like if it does come to be, I have no concrete idea, but I do have some speculative theories.


David Sunfellow Writes:

Brother Norm, you paint a very grim picture of where the world is at and headed. You also don’t leave a reader with much hope. Instead, you insist:

“It is too late for any action to be effective. Might as well have that 10 mile wide asteroid heading straight to earth scenario.”

Let’s take a closer look at what you shared.

Let me begin by saying that I spent DECADES believing the world was going to collapse, and preparing for it. As you accurately point out, there is too much system-wide corruption, pollution, and decadence for it to survive. I believe that, too. Darkness engulfs us and the old world is collapsing right before our eyes.

What you failed to mention is that a new world is growing out of the ashes of the old one. And it is more than keeping pace with the the passing away of the old. Yes, apocalyptic scenarios are unfolding all over the world. People are dying. Communities are being destroyed. Countries are failing. Entire plants, animals, and eco-systems are vanishing.

On the other hand, untold thousands of people are rising up and providing concrete, holistic, and healthy solutions to all the ills that currently afflict our planet, and ourselves. As someone who has tracked both sides of the fence for decades, I can tell you, absolutely, that the tide is turning. Overall, things are getting better. There is cause for hope and excitement. There are also concrete, practical, vitally important ways we all can contribute to the transformation that is happening.

One of the main things we can do is to focus on the positive. That will help move us more quickly into positive spaces, rather than holding us back and tying us down to negative patterns and ways of seeing and thinking. One of the main truths we learn from near-death experiences is that we create our realities by the thoughts we think and emotions we express. If we are vibrating with fear, with hopelessness, with despair, with anger, that’s what we help create for ourselves, for others, and for the world at large. So one practical thing we can do is to make an effort, every day, to see and promote positive changes. This doesn’t mean that we overlook the bad things that exist, either in ourselves or in the world. It does mean though that when we see something that is less than perfect, we step in and do what we can to help heal and transform it. Instead of allowing negative things to continue as they are, or making things worse by adding negative energy to the situation, we inject positive, hopeful, loving energy into the mix. This might mean concrete action in the world. It might mean saying something kind and helpful. It might be offering a silent prayer.

At the heart of whatever action we take is an attempt to maintain as much of a connection as we can with The Divine and allow The Divine to inject Its far-sighted, clear-thinking, optimistic, cheerful, humorous, light-hearted, loving, caring, forgiving, patient, encouraging Presence into ourselves and everyone and everything we come into contact with.

I’ve been tracking the fantastic breakthroughs that have been happening around the world on many of NHNE’s website and social networks. I’ve also been tracking a lot of the challenging situations we face. Here are a few articles that indicate that things are, indeed, getting better:

• Why The World Is Better Than Ever — And Will Get Better Still

• Why The World Is Better Than You Think In 10 Powerful Charts

• Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030

• 2012: The Greatest Year In The History Of The World

• Ray Kurzweil: This Is ‘By Far The Best Time In Human History’

• Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems Are Within Our Reach

• Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030

I encourage you to pay special attention to the following videos:

Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats – BBC Four

Hans Rosling: Debunking Third-World Myths With The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen

Religions And Babies | Hans Rosling

The Surprising Decline In Violence | Steven Pinker

Is The World Getting Better Or Worse? A Look At The Numbers | Steven Pinker

Tony Seba: Clean Disruption – Energy & Transportation

You can find many, many more positive, hopeful, inspiring trends by visiting NHNE’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

And let’s not forget near-death experiences. Thanks to the efforts of many, many people (including you, Norm), near-death experiences, which champion a universal vision of brotherly love, have emerged as a global force for good. And they show no sign of loosing steam. As the skeptics retreat, best-selling books, movies, television programs, conferences, networks, websites continue to grow exponentially in number and influence.

Finally, while we can find many end-of-the-world scenarios in near-death experiences, even the worst of these scenarios ends up with Heaven coming to Earth. Most of us know that Heaven has never really been absent. It has been with us all the time. What I see now, more and more, is that Heaven is finally beginning to manifest in the world. And it is happening at an ever-quickening pace. You and I can help it emerge more quickly by allowing The Divine to flow through us.

I’ll end by including a video from Howard Storm where he describes the future world that Jesus and the angels showed him. I personally think that some version of this vision is where we are headed. And those of you who have joined this network are on the cutting edge of helping visions like this one become a reality…

Howard Storm – The Future Of The World


Excerpted from David Sunfellow’s book, The Purpose of Life as Revealed by Near-Death Experiences from Around the World

Chapter 89
How To Still Storms & Walk On Water
By David Sunfellow

While few in number, some near-death experiencers are shown apocalyptic visions of the future. Earthquakes and tsunamis rage across the Earth. Governments and civilizations collapse. Vast numbers of plants, animals, and people die.

Other near-death experiencers are shown that the worst is behind us. We are now on a path where everything is going to get better and better.

While the specifics and severity of end-of-the-world predictions differ in NDEs, there is one thing they all agree on: a new world is coming; heavenly states of consciousness will eventually manifest in this world.

What can we do to help?

The deepest, most profound near-death experiences tend to be lighthearted and full of hope. There is a playfulness and sense of humor to these NDEs. Instead of raining down fire and brimstone, these NDEs are full of laughter, merriment, and gentle admonitions to lighten up and not take life so seriously.

How can these NDEs be so cheerful when so many apocalyptic possibilities are knocking on our collective door?

One answer is that the higher realms know the world is a dream, no one is really hurt or lost, and everything is unfolding as it should.

Higher states of consciousness also know that everything works out in the end, one way or another.

In other words, the challenges we face in this world are similar to the challenges we face in dreams. After a dream has run its course, we wake up, unscathed. And so do all of our dreaming friends. Even nightmares that are hyper-real and super scary come and go.

Here’s the point: whether the world follows a rough path to higher states of consciousness, or a gentle one, we can help by staying connected to the parts of ourselves that know everything is OK.

Instead of getting caught up in the drama of life and injecting more fear, instability, and despair into the collective consciousness of the planet, we can train ourselves to stay calm and connected.

And one more thing.

It’s the deep places that produce miracles. And healings. And solutions to complicated and bewitching problems. So staying calm and collected is not simply a way to maintain inner peace, it’s also a way to find practical solutions to life’s many challenges.

So whatever is happening in your personal life, or in the world at large, I encourage you to go deeper and higher. Engage life, full on, but don’t take things too seriously. Be cheerful and light hearted. Joke and laugh. Be a force of nature that not only stops fear in its tracks, but turns the tide and lifts others to higher ground.

This book can help. When negative influences take you hostage and you feel yourself slipping into despair, reach for this little book. It will help you reconnect with the high, calm, healing places within.


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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined
By Steven Pinker

Amazon Description:

Faced with the ceaseless stream of news about war, crime, and terrorism, one could easily think we live in the most violent age ever seen. Yet as New York Times bestselling author Steven Pinker shows in this startling and engaging new work, just the opposite is true: violence has been diminishing for millenia and we may be living in the most peaceful time in our species’s existence. For most of history, war, slavery, infanticide, child abuse, assassinations, programs, gruesom punishments, deadly quarrels, and genocide were ordinary features of life. But today, Pinker shows (with the help of more than a hundred graphs and maps) all these forms of violence have dwindled and are widely condemned. How has this happened?

This groundbreaking book continues Pinker’s exploration of the essence of human nature, mixing psychology and history to provide a remarkable picture of an increasingly nonviolent world. The key, he explains, is to understand our intrinsic motives — the inner demons that incline us toward violence and the better angels that steer us away — and how changing circumstances have allowed our better angels to prevail. Exploding fatalist myths about humankind’s inherent violence and the curse of modernity, this ambitious and provocative book is sure to be hotly debated in living rooms and the Pentagon alike, and will challenge and change the way we think about our society.


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