Final Passage by Barbara Harris Whitfield

Near-death experiencer, researcher, and author Barbara Harris Whitfield has made her beautiful book Final Passage – Sharing the Journey as This Life Ends (pdf), which was first published in 1998, available free to everyone who would like to read and share it.



Final Passage is no mere recounting of case studies of the dying process. Rather, it is the lived experience of a compassionate, understanding and truly loving caregiver. Barbara Harris Whitfield shares her most intimate thoughts and emotions in this engaging account of human relationships, which demonstrate the unmistakable bonds connecting all of us to each other and to our Divine Source.  Final Passage should be required reading for all health professionals who care for the terminally ill, from physicians to counselors, from nurses to orderlies.”

— Jack McBride executive director, Shepherd’s Gate Hospice, Inc. Covington, Georgia

Final Passage will help families of patients facing death, and health-care professionals who see death as failure, to understand and comfort the dying without interfering with the natural process. Barbara Whitfield shows us how dying can be an opportunity to explore and deepen our spiritual dimension. This book will help us be ‘real’ not only at the deathbed but every day of our lives, so that we will not die without having first lived.”

— Bruce Greyson, M.D. professor of psychiatry, University of Virginia and editor, Journal of Near-Death Studies



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