Near-Death-Like Experiences

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Why It’s Important To Know About Shadow Issues And Work On Them

by David Sunfellow

Quotes “Here is a universal truth that everyone needs to know: Spiritual experiences, including near-death experiences, DO NOT perfect the human side of our nature. Spiritual experiences can, however, blind us and make us (and others) think we are more developed than we actually are. If we focus too much on the spiritual realities of […]

Medical Medium Anthony William

by David Sunfellow

………….. Links: • Medical Medium Website • Medical Medium on Facebook • Medical Medium on Twitter • Medical Medium on YouTube • Medical Medium on Pinterest ………….. Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal By Anthony William Published November 10, 2015 Amazon Book Description: Anthony William, Medical Medium, has helped tens […]

NDE Newsletters

by David Sunfellow

Newsletters published by near-death experiencers, NDE researchers and NDE organizations. ……. NHNE’s NDE Formula Newsletter Compiled by David Sunfellow, NHNE’s NDE newsletter focuses on how we can use the profound truths presented in near-death experiences to transform our personal and collective lives.  ……. Awakenings From The Light The newsletter of near-death experiencer Nancy Rynes. ……. Linda […]

I Am God & God Is Me (Mary Deioma)

by David Sunfellow

I Am God & God Is Me Mary Deioma’s Near-Death-like Experience Transcript: I want to share my story with you to let you know that this is something that is possible. And for those thousands or millions of people that have already experienced something like this, I can be another validation for you. I was […]