Excerpted From:

Wisdom of Near Death Experiences: How Understanding NDEs Can Help Us Live More Fully
By Penny Sartori
Published on 2014-02-18

51Qf-zEM40L._SL210_-1“This near-death experience had two significant effects on his life. First, Tom says, it completely removed any fear of dying.

“Even more extraordinary is what happened to his right hand, which had been frozen since birth into a claw-like position.

“(This had been noted on his hospital admission form, and his sister has since signed a statement confirming it generic cipro.)

“Yet, in front of me, soon after his near-death experience, Tom opened and flexed that same hand. This should not have been physiologically possible, as the tendons had permanently contracted. What had caused this sudden, seemingly spontaneous healing? Even now, science has no answers.

“But when you study near-death experiences, as I have for the past couple of decades, you grow used to phenomena that defy all rational explanation…”

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