It’s The Little Things (v1.1)
By David Sunfellow

It’s the little things in life that are the big things.

Respond to opportunities to express kindness, caring, and compassion that cross our path, especially those that seem small and insignificant. Treat everyone and everything — humans, animals, plants, objects, the unseen forces of life — kindly and respectfully. Acknowledge their presence, offer and request assistance, express gratitude for their gifts and companionship.

Everything we encounter in life is a gift, including the challenging people we meet and difficult circumstances we face. They come to help us become deeper, happier, more conscious, caring, and fulfilled. If we are not seeing someone or something as a gift, we aren’t seeing their true nature. All monsters transform into angels to the degree that we are able to embrace and befriend them.

Feel and express gratitude for everyone and everything, including our wondrous bodies, magnificent world, and the precious company of family and friends.



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