Near-death experiences champion prayer as a super power. Along with meditation (feeling the Presence of God), feeling and expressing gratitude, cultivating a sense of humor (which includes not taking ourselves too seriously), and learning how to see things from higher perspectives, near-death experiences indicate that prayer can produce miracles (click here to read some remarkable stories).

One way we can put our prayers to work is to use a prayer bowl. This special bowl is used to hold your prayers. You can buy or make a special bowl, or use an ordinary bowl or cup you already have. Once you have a special bowl, you write the names of the people, situations, places, or things you are praying about on a piece of paper and place it in your prayer bowl. You can use special pieces of paper that have been created just for this purpose, or use ordinary blank pieces of paper. Like most things in life, the more time and effort you put into this, the more likely it is to produce helpful results. In other words, taking the time to prayerfully buy or create a special prayer bowl and prayer papers is a better idea than simply grabbing whatever might be laying around. Placing the bowl  where you can see it throughout the day is also more helpful than tucking it away in some corner where you are likely to forget it, and its contents. It’s also a good idea to set aside special times every day when you spend a little time consciously praying for the items you have placed in your bowl.

When it comes to prayer, it is usually best to ask the higher forces to answer our prayers in whatever way is in the best interest of all concerned. In other words, instead of asking for a person to be healed of a specific illness, or asking for a situation to unfold one way or another, a better prayer is to ask for the Divine to overshadow the person and/or situation and help it unfold in whatever way is best.

To help you get started, I have created a series of prayer cards that you can print. I suggest you use heavy, card stock paper (preferably recycled) so whatever you write on the back of the card, the ink won’t bleed through. You can also create your own designs, or simply use blank sheets of paper.


Beautiful Prayer Bowls



You can purchase this bowl here and here.




Prayer Cards

Praying Hands (pdf)


Native American (pdf)


Jesus (pdf)


Angel 1 (pdf)


Angel 2 (pdf)


Menorah (pdf)


Prayer Beads (pdf)



To read what near-death experiencers have to say about the power of prayer, go here.