David Sunfellow asks:

“I’m wondering if you have come across any NDEs that feature Muhammad as a central figure greeting NDErs? I had a reader recently ask me this question, and I could only think of one NDE where Muhammad showed up. And he didn’t show up as a greeting presence like Jesus often does, but, instead, was in the background hanging out with Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Noah, Moses, and Mother Mary.
“Also, what about Buddha? And Krishna? And other major religious figures? Do you have any statistics for often these folks show up in NDEs?”

NDE Researcher Dr. Jeffrey Long answers:

“I cannot recall any NDEs with Muhammad as a central figure. I recently published a paper on over 20 Muslim NDEs from Iran [in Journal of Near-Death Studies 33(1) Fall 2014]. We found the content of these NDEs to be strikingly similar to typical Western NDEs. In dialoguing with the Iranian co-author I asked about Muhammad in Muslim NDEs. He said that Muslims have a cultural taboo against sharing encounters with Muhammad, and thus even if they encountered Muhammad in their NDEs, they would likely be very reluctant to share that. Buddha and Krishna are rarely reported in NDEs. You can go to the Search box at the top right of the nderf.org website, enter these religious figures, and see this.”

Jesus, according to Dr. Long, appears in 6.5 percent of the near-death experiences reported around the world.


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