David Sunfellow’s 7-Week NDE Class
June 17 – July 29, 2015

• 1st Class (06/17/15) Amy Call’s NDE
• 2nd Class (06/24/15) The Purpose of Life
• 3rd Class (07/01/15) Hellish Realms, Evil Spirits, and How Our Vibrations Create Our Experiences
• 4th Class (07/08/15) Love: The Central Message of NDEs
• 5th Class (07/15/15) NDE Super Powers
• 6th Class (07/22/15) Jesus, Near-Death Experiences, and Religion
• 7th Class (07/29/15) Putting All The Pieces Together: What NDEs Teach Us


Amy Call’s NDE



Exploring an outstanding near-death experience that touches on many of the core truths presented by near-death experiences as a whole. 

Take Away:

Amy’s NDE is fantastic! Everyone should spend time pondering the deep, life-changing truths that Amy graciously shares.

Class Description:

In our first near-death experience class we watched Amy Call share her near-death experience. Amy’s experience ranks as one of the top five NDEs I have ever encountered. I chose it because it is unusually clear, powerful, and comprehensive and because it touches on many of the most important themes championed by near-death experiences. Amy’s sincere, humble, and humorous personality were also delightful to watch.

After we finished watching Amy’s video, I used Amy’s written account, along with information from other NDEs, to elaborate on what she shared in the video. Since Amy says some things during her video account that are not included in her written account, and visa versa, her video and written accounts compliment one another. You can find Amy’s video and written accounts posted here. You can also download a printable version of Amy’s near-death experience  here (pdf). I strongly encourage everyone to read Amy’s written account and watch her video. They are both amazing!

Following Amy’s talk and my comments, there was time for the class to ask questions and share comments.

I also brought two handouts to the class. How To Love Ourselves (pdf) and Evidence of the Afterlife (pdf). I’ll be explaining the first handout, which is a summary of some of the main points found in The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth, in future classes. The second handout is a summary of the important discoveries that Dr. Jeffrey Long itemizes in his book “Evidence of the Afterlife.”