Why We Are Here
By Near-Death Experiencer Julie Aubier

When I was 19, I [was] violently attacked and I had a near-death experience. I completely left my body. First, I saw myself… [from] the corner of the room… I was looking [down] at myself… At that moment, I saw my aggressor, I saw what was happening, but I already had no conflict, no judgement about what was happening. I [could] see the perfection of the situation even though it was a horrible situation.

Then, suddenly, I became the whole frickin universe. I didn’t go through a white light. I didn’t have beings coming and waiting for me on the other side. I didn’t have a voice telling me whatever things I needed to hear. I became the whole universe. I became superconsciousness. I became part of everything snd I became everything. I had total clarity and understanding of everything. I could travel and go anywhere I wanted to go. I was extremely free and fearless and eternal. I didn’t have a body, but it felt as if I had a body. There was no one with me, but I didn’t feel alone. And I felt like I [had done] this shit so many times.

I was kind of happy to be back there, BUT the thing that was very interesting; the thing that helped me remember why I came on this planet and who I am — I understood very clearly that coming on the planet was me experiencing a lot of things that I was NOT in order to remember who I was. To understand cold, I had to go through heat, or to understand warmth, I had to go through cold. I understood very clearly as well that being human entitles me to do things that when I am dead, out of my body, I cannot do. Things like drinking a glass of water and this is actually my favorite drink since I came back. I love to drink water. It’s always the most mystical experience I’ve ever had in my life. The pleasure that I have when I’m drinking a glass of water, with my eyes closed, is just out of this world. So drinking a glass of water. Eating my favorite food. Feeling the wind on my skin or the rain on my skin. Swimming naked in the river or in the ocean. Hearing birds singing. Having a beautiful kiss. Making love. Even though there all these different ways of experiencing ecstasy [while you are] out of your body, the ones that you experience in your flesh are unbelievable. It has to be experienced without attachment, but with pure, total grace, becoming one with the moment, becoming one with the kiss, one with the water, one with the wind, one with the sun, one with birds, one with the people that come in front of you.

I understood as well that I was one with everything; I was the water and I was the mouth that was drinking the water. That every up and down that I experience would teach me something to expand, unless I chose, through free will, to resist what I was going through.

So to me this lifetime is about taking care and cherishing and giving thanks for every little opportunity that I have to experience life in 3D. I know I am eternal; I’m not afraid of death. That’s why I am fearless as well. That’s why I think and I say what I think. That’s why I don’t kiss no ass. That’s why I don’t obey laws and rules that put us in a box and force us to all be the same. I’ve never been like that. That’s why I am one with every mother that cries, every child that is afraid, and every man that gives his life to save another. I am part of all of those people, whatever nation, and country, and status they are. I see the emptiness in most of the people, I see their fear because they don’t remember. But if you could only know what I know, you would never take for granted any moment in your life, even the difficult times.

Life is really a school. It’s a school to help you remember. A lot of us came as benevolent souls to answer a call. Not necessarily to raise the vibration, but mostly to help others remember who they are; to become the foundation of what is yet to come. Because you see, evolution is going to happen with or without us. Humankind is going to get more enlightened and conscious with or without us. We are here because we are the foundation as multi-dimensional beings who live in time-line reality. We can change everything by our presence and desires by what we focus on, what we choose to feed, what we choose to give life to. This is a century where we are going to see women taking their place and being a lot more respected and taken care of.

One thing for sure that I can tell you is that I was an atheist before I had my near-death experience. I still don’t follow any religion, but my intuitive skills, my clairvoyance, my ability to see through the bullshit and the lies and the illusion is unbelievable. And it has been like this since I came back. Afterwards, I had a few other mystical experiences that confirmed [my abilities]… It was hard for me originally to understand what happened to me. And I’m a rebel. Even if God came to me and told me, “You are here to save the world,” I’m going to say, “Yeah, fuck that; I’m going to go the other way.”

Or if He says, “Watch your words and watch your thoughts because everything you say manifests. You are a goddess; you are here to co-create with every word that you use.” I would still go and do the exact opposite. But because I have experienced the opposite that I know the power of my attention. I know that each and every time that I focused my attention on something I didn’t want, I created it. I created a lot of shit! And I am accountable for that. I want you to remember that.

You are here to live this present moment through the eye of a child; through innocence and purity. Every judgement that you have, every time you close your heart, you hurt a little bit of your soul, but you’re going to be alright. Even at the end of it, no one is going to judge you but yourself. You will be accountable for everything you’ve done here. But not accountable like you are going to be punished. It is not going to happen like that. You are going to be accountable [because] you will understand and see what did and what you should have done. And you, from the love of who you are; the immense love that you are, you will want to do something about it and you will not allow it to not be corrected and fixed by yourself…

So love your life. Love every part of it. Understand that you are Divine. You are the whole universe. You are connected to all that is. You are necessary here. The quicker you find peace within and love yourself, the quicker you are going to make this world a beautiful place. And it’s going to happen whether you want it or not.


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