Dream: Property of The Church
June, 1974
By David Sunfellow


I am standing in front of a bunch of large jars that represent all the religions of the world. I notice that the water in every jar is cloudy, murky, polluted. Standing in front of the jars is a large sign that I can’t read. The marks on the sign are jumbled and confusing, like a modern piece of art. When I walk around behind the jars I am surprised to see that the letters on the sign are sharp and clear. They spell “LOVE”. I know this means that while all the religions of the world are polluted to one degree or another, they came from love. Love was behind all of them.

Then I notice a long line of American homeless people. They are lined up in front of a gypsy-like woman who is holding a large silver stone in her lap. As each person approaches the woman, they touch the stone and are filled with spiritual power and divine love. Their burdens are instantly released and their faces fill with joy. Standing beside the woman is a Catholic priest. He is upset with the gypsy, upset with the stone, upset with the people, and upset at what’s happening. He steps in to stop it. He pulls out a large rubber stamp that says “Property of The Church” and begins stamping people on the forehead. Stamp. Stamp. Stamp. Everyone he stamps immediately looses the ability to experience the power of the stone. That includes both people who have touched the stone as well as those who haven’t. As soon as I realize what’s happening, I grab the stamp, throw it away, and chastise the priest. “Leave the people alone,” I tell him. Caught by surprise, he backs off.

Then I wake up.


I had this dream in 1974. I was 20 years old at the time and was just beginning my spiritual journey. This was one of the first Big Dreams of my life. It helped set the stage for the path I would end up walking. It’s message to me was simple and direct. While all the religions and spiritual paths on the planet were polluted to one degree or another, they all came from love. The dream also reminded me that having a direct relationship with The Source of Life (represented by the silver stone and free-spirited gypsy) was extremely important. That’s what heals us, gives us life, and fills us with joy. People and institutions who seek to block or interfere with our direct connection with The Source of Life, need to be avoided. If they are able fill our minds (stamp our foreheads) with dogmatic ideas, and claim ownership of us, then we will loose the ability to connect directly with The Source of Life ourselves.


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