Dream: Turning Into Angels
By David Sunfellow


A young man, about 18, is turning into an angel. His older sister is also turning into an angel. She is further along in the process than he is, so she is guiding and coaching him. Stronger and smarter, the big sister has a no-nonsense, drill-sergeant kind of personality.

The younger brother has two nubs growing out of his back. These nubs are the beginning of angel wings. There is a special angel name for them. Something like “nubulas.” He feels the nubs, but he’s wondering if they real. Is he REALLY turning into an angel? He keeps bugging his sister about it.

To ease her brother’s concerns, the sister comes up with an innovative solution. She knows that angels have the ability to channel massive amounts of energy without being hurt, so she plans to have her brother touch a live power cable. She tells him that this will prove whether or not he is turning into an angel. If he can conduct megawatts of electricity without being electrocuted, he’s turning into an angel. And if not, well, then he’ll be roasted alive like an ordinary human.

Because she’s a new angel, she’s not entirely sure her plan will work. But she’s about 95 percent sure, so she boldly moves ahead. She hands her brother a large power cable and turns it on. A million volts of electricity flow through the cable into her brother. He survives without a scratch.

“There you go,” she says. “You’re turning into an angel!”

While this scene is unfolding, I am aware that other people are also turning into angels.

How can you tell when someone is turning into an angel?

Along with growing angel wings and being able to conduct megawatts of electricity without being harmed, another symptom of turning into an angel is that you become restless and start sleeping in strange places. I see a homeless man curled up under a semi truck. He got tired and laid down to take a nap. A quote from the New Testament comes to mind: “Foxes have holes and birds have nests but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (Matthew 8:20)

As I watch this scene, I think about the restlessness I feel. Like the homeless man, I live between two worlds — part of me lives here, in this world, and part of me lives in other realms. Also like the homeless man, I am affected less and less by mainstream norms, goals, and expectations. I have different values and follow my own path.

Then the scene changes.

The big sister walks into a coral. Inside the coral, there is a large, strong foreman and two cowhands.

The big sister, who is beginning to manifest her angel powers, walks up to the foreman and shoves him against a fence. The foreman, who is the biggest, toughest guy around, is stunned. His eyes open wide and he stares at her, disbelieving that a young woman, half his size, is pushing him around. Then she lays into him.

“Do you know why you have had this job — shoveling cow poop — your whole life?”

Still in a state of shock, the foreman doesn’t answer.

“Because you are the lowest of low. That’s why. You need to give yourself to God!”

Not sure what the little angel is talking about, and still not sure what’s happening, the foreman strains to understand. Then the angel grabs his large, leathery hands and holds them out.

“You see these big, strong hands?” she says. “On the other side of life, these hands aren’t strong enough to hold a fly!”

Starring intensely into the foreman’s eyes, the little angel watches to see if her words are sinking in.

“You are strong here, in this world, but on the other side of life, where you will be measured according to spiritual qualities, you are weak. You need to commit yourself to God. Change your life. Get busy. Don’t wait. DO IT NOW!”

As the power of her last few words reverberate in the air, the angel’s words hit their target and the foreman bows his head. He knows the angel is right. He needs to change. And time is running out.

With her mission accomplished, the angel turns and begins to walk away.

Meanwhile, the cowhands who have been watching everything, are deathly silent. After watching the angel reduce their formidable foreman to putty, they don’t move a muscle or say a word. The angel walks past them and they breathe a sigh of relief. But the angle doesn’t let them off the hook. Just before she leaves, she whirls around and tells them, “You’re next!”

Then I woke up.


I think this dream is talking about a transformational process we all go through.

The female, intuitive side of me (represented by the big sister) is further ahead in my process than the male, rational side of me, which is full of doubts. To ease the doubts that my rational mind has about the transformation that is taking place, the big sister floods his body with a million volts of electricity. This is a clever way of saying that as we become more grounded in God, we are more able to handle challenging (high voltage) situations. They not only can’t kill us anymore, but often, they can’t even knock us off our feet. That’s because our growing connection with God gives us more strength, stamina, and stability. Our vision also expands and deepens. So does the guidance we need to navigate whatever situation we find ourselves in.

The sense of restlessness has to do with living between two worlds. As we transform into new beings, we become more aware of deeper realities and less attached to this world and its customs and expectations.

I think the encounter with the foreman had to do with the higher forces in me confronting entrenched, Earth-based attitudes and behaviors. Why did the foreman have to shovel cow poop his whole life? Near-death experiences indicate that we create our experiences through vibrations. The higher and more godlike our vibrations, the higher, more godlike and beautiful our experiences. Higher states of consciousness are created by loving thoughts, emotions, and actions, while lower states of consciousness are created by selfish and materialistic energies. This is how we move from lower, more dense experiences to higher, more heavenly ones. The dream was suggesting the reason that the foreman was stuck with a lowly job was because that’s where his consciousness was. As he focused more on God and the deeper impulses of his soul, his external world would begin to reflect that back to him. Things would get better, healthier, happier, both inside and out.

Once we’ve reached higher states of consciousness, we may still be called to shovel cow poop. But if we are, it’s a different experience for us. Instead of living on the cow poop level of existence, we live in higher states of consciousness that understands the importance that menial tasks play in the grand scheme of things. Instead being weighed down by the daily grind of every day life, we lighten up, laugh, and have fun. Which lifts us into even higher states of consciousness.

The comment about having strong hands in this world that couldn’t hold a fly on the other side was, I think, a reminder that the things that this world values are not valued on the other side in the same way. The focus there is on how loving we are, not on rippling muscles, material accomplishments, or how many people we supervise and control.

Concerning the cowhands, there are always parts of ourselves that are sitting on the sidelines watching, hoping to dodge responsibility. The little angel reminded them that they were next. All the different parts of ourselves will eventually be called to get their act together.

Finally, while I loved the spunkiness of the little angel, her drill-sergeant mentality was not the mentality of an older, wiser angel. I think that was letting me know that the budding angelic impulses in me are still immature and rough around the edges. Their heart is in the right place and they have power to change things, but they can be overly pushy — and foolish. Because of that, I need to keep an eye on them and be sure they don’t get too carried away.


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