How To Love Ourselves
By David Sunfellow

Near-death experiences strongly champion the idea that we need to love ourselves. If we could see and love ourselves as God does our lives would be completely transformed. So would our relationships with everyone and everything else.

You would think that loving ourselves wouldn’t be so difficult, especially for people who have had a direct experience of God’s love. But that’s not the case. Personally experiencing God’s unconditional love makes loving ourselves easier, but we still slip in and out of loving states of consciousness. That’s because we can’t sustain higher states of consciousness until we have built leak-proof containers for the Divine.

In his book “My Decent Into Death,” near-death experiencer Howard Storm writes:

“Without the love of God, it is impossible to love ourselves because every human being is aware of their flawed nature and sinfulness.”

In other words, it’s impossible to love ourselves in the perfect, all-knowing, all-forgiving way that God does until we can see ourselves as God does — and sustain that higher vision.

Bottom line: we don’t have the ability to love ourselves in a truly healthy with accutane, balanced, full blown way until we have connected with God and the deeper parts of ourselves. So what’s a spiritual seeker to do?

What I’ve done is search near-death experiences for ideas and practices that help lift us into the presence of God. These ideas and practices also help us build a consciousness that can ground and maintain higher states of consciousness in every day life. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Click on the image below to see a larger version. Click here to download a pdf.


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