Why Don’t NDEs Provide More Specifics?
By David Sunfellow

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Why don’t NDEs provide more specifics, telling us, for example, what kind of foods to eat?

From where I’m sitting, NDEs do address this indirectly. For example, many NDErs become vegetarians after their experience. Some, like Amy Call, are given messages that something is seriously wrong with our food supply. Many NDErs become super sensitive to medications, to perfumes, to other kinds of man-made, toxin-laden chemicals. Many become hyper-sensitive to electrical fields. Some stop watching televisions shows and movies, especially those that are violent. It seems to me what’s happening here is that NDErs have been exposed to a place that is full of love and light so when they return to this world they become super sensitive to things that don’t carry that vibration. NDErs also seem to be super sensitive to things that DO reflect love and light and gravitate towards these things, like spending time in nature, eating organic foods, wearing natural fabrics, spending time in places (like giant cathedrals) that remind them of the heavenly realms they visited, etc…

From where I’m sitting, it seems clear that NDEs, as a whole, advocate a pretty clear path concerning what does and doesn’t help us connect to the Divine — or, said and other way, what loving thoughts and actions look like in practical application.

But, as you pointed out, we still don’t see much in the way of specifics: eat this kind of food, wear these kind of clothes, buy this kind of car, sell everything and give all your money to the poor.

I think there is a very simple — and important — reason for this. We aren’t usually given specifics, because the specifics are constantly changing. They change according to our level of development. They change according to our current belief system. They change according to the culture we live in. They change according to the physical circumstances of our life. In other words, spiritual forces tend to focus on the basics, not the specifics: we’re asked to make the most loving choices we can and it is assumed that we will make those choices based on our current understandings and circumstances. But wherever we are, once we start making decisions based on how loving they are, our awareness begins to deepen and expand so we can make better choices. And this, in turn, produces greater and greater harmony in our lives and the lives of all the beings we touch.

Concerning trusting the Divine to transform unhealthy food into healthy food, or protect us from the consequences of eating unhealthy food, I think this happens all the time. If we can lift ourselves into higher states of consciousness, we can transcend the laws of this world. Miracles, as you point out, happen all the time.

Using NDEr Anita Moorjani as an example: here’s a woman who was dying from cancer. She had tumors the size of lemons throughout her body, and then, after her near-death experience, she was healed. Completely. In a sense, Anita got rebooted; the destructive thoughts and patterns that infused her consciousness (and created her cancer) were swept away. And she got injected with Divine. But returning to the point I made earlier about colanders, these states of consciousness don’t last. And Anita was/is no exception. After she returned and joined the lecture circuit, she told people not to worry about what they ate, just stay connected and keep a good attitude. But shortly thereafter her health began to decline and she realized she had to pay more attention to her body. So she went on a 30-day cleanse.

So here’s my point: When we tap into higher states of consciousness, we are able to transcend the laws of this world. But we can’t tap into these high levels of consciousness — and stay in them — until we have filled all the holes in our colanders. And how do we fill the holes? By making the most loving choices we can, on every level of life, including day-to-day body care and lifestyle choices. Or, said another way, the more lovingly we treat ourselves, treat others, treat our bodies, treat plants and animals, treat the environment, treat everyone and everything that we come into contact with, the higher we are lifted in consciousness — and longer we are able to stay there. This is also the way we build a container for the Divine and fill the holes in our colander.

While NDEs (and other kinds of spiritual experiences) can lift us from this world into higher realities (and sometimes leave us with permanent insights and gifts), we can’t stay there until we’ve built a well-rounded consciousness that can hold these energies. And that’s hard work. Whatever analogies we use, I think our lives bare witness to the fact that the path to lasting peace and harmony is not easy, clean, or straight… it usually goes up and down, round and round, through all kinds of jungles, forests, and swamps. I’ve tried to find a quick and easy way to get and stay in higher states of consciousness, but I haven’t found one. And at this point in my life, I don’t believe one exists. I’ve also investigated tons of people who claimed to have found quick and easy paths that produced dramatic, lifelong transformations. To date, none of the people and paths I’ve examined have withstood the test of time or serious inquiry. They are all like us, either honestly admitting their struggles, or covering their struggles up with fancy costumes.


“It is very uncommon for NDErs to receive highly specific information during their NDEs about what they should or should not do in their earthly lives.”

— NDE Researcher Jeffrey Long, God and the Afterlife, page 95



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