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Dream Basics

by David Sunfellow

Dream Basics v1.0 By David Sunfellow Download a pdf of the handout here. ……………… How To Remember Your Dreams • First and foremost, you need to value dreams and WANT to remember them. Here are a few ways to awaken an interest in dreams: talk with long-time dreamers, read dream books, visit dream websites and […]

Dream: The Open Door

by David Sunfellow

Dream: The Open Door By David Sunfellow Original Link I was abused as a child, on many different levels: physically, emotionally, psychologically. I internalized, very deeply, the idea that the world (and the people in it) hurt us and I developed a philosophy that reflected that. In my particular case, that meant I thought a […]

Dream: A Reluctant Hobbit

by David Sunfellow

A Reluctant Hobbit By David Sunfellow Monday, February 23, 2015 I am watching a small group of people on a Lord-of-the-Rings-style adventure. One of the members of the group is a hobbit who is fearful and reluctant. I become aware of three things: 1. The hobbit knows that challenging times lie ahead (he may have […]

Dream: The Greatest Movie Ever Made

by David Sunfellow

The Greatest Movie Ever Made January, 1987 By David Sunfellow I dreamed I was sitting in a movie theater watching a movie. As I watched the movie, a host of meandering, shallow, incoherent, sometimes violent images tumbled across the screen. “What kind of ridiculous movie is this?” I thought, appalled that someone had spent millions […]

Dream: The Black Blob

by David Sunfellow

The Black Blob By David Sunfellow July 21, 2014 To set the stage, for the past few days I have been dealing with some interpersonal issues that have been emotionally upsetting. Because dealing with emotionally charged interpersonal issues is a universal theme for all of us, I thought some of you might find this dream […]