The Greatest Movie Ever Made
January, 1987
By David Sunfellow

I dreamed I was sitting in a movie theater watching a movie. As I watched the movie, a host of meandering, shallow, incoherent, sometimes violent images tumbled across the screen. “What kind of ridiculous movie is this?” I thought, appalled that someone had spent millions of dollars on such a worthless, poorly-written movie. Squirming in my seat, I watched and watched, becoming increasingly irritated, impatient, and disgusted. Finally, just as the movie was about to end, the nonsensical scenes started pulling themselves together. In a matter of seconds, the jumbled scenes began to make perfect sense, and a breathtaking masterpiece emerged. When the movie was finally over, I sat back in my chair, overwhelmed. I had just seen one of the greatest, most perfectly executed films ever made.

Meanwhile, as I sat and watched the movie, another image was playing in the background of my mind. I saw myself laying on a floor in convulsions. Stretching, moaning, and rolling around, I was being compelled by some unseen force to expand into a larger body that had somehow been superimposed over me. I knew that expanding into this larger body was the purpose of my life and that when the process was complete, I would be a new being — exalted, happy, fulfilled — even though now, as I was stretching into this new form, I was racked with pain.


Most of us can probably identify with the images presented in this dream. Our personal lives and, indeed, the world at large, often seems to be a hodgepodge of nonsensical events. What does it all mean? Where is it all going? Can anything good possibly come from the pain and suffering, the chaos and confusion so rampant in our personal and collective world? My dream’s answer to this was simple: Even though it may not be clear to us now, one day, if we hang in there long enough, all the pieces will come together and we will realize that life is a masterpiece. What’s more, we will find ourselves, by virtue of our difficult, often painful efforts to learn and grow, transformed into beings of unparalleled splendor.


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