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Life Is All About Relationship

by David Sunfellow

Life Is All About Relationship By David Sunfellow Original Link One of the major themes that emerge in NDEs is that life is about relationship. Once we begin to understand what this means, a whole new world of understanding emerges. Whereas before we may have focused on some areas of our life and ignored others, […]

The Healthy Relationship Preamble

by David Sunfellow

The first version of “The Healthy Relationship Preamble” emerged in 2008. It grew out of a desire to understand the core qualities of healthy, happy, deeply fulfilling and transformative relationships — and fashion these core qualities into a simple, one-page statement. This is the second version of The Preamble, which continues to evolve as more people read […]

Dream: The Black Blob

by David Sunfellow

The Black Blob By David Sunfellow July 21, 2014 To set the stage, for the past few days I have been dealing with some interpersonal issues that have been emotionally upsetting. Because dealing with emotionally charged interpersonal issues is a universal theme for all of us, I thought some of you might find this dream […]