The first version of “The Healthy Relationship Preamble” emerged in 2008. It grew out of a desire to understand the core qualities of healthy, happy, deeply fulfilling and transformative relationships — and fashion these core qualities into a simple, one-page statement. This is the second version of The Preamble, which continues to evolve as more people read it and offer their feedback. Version 1 was called “The Integral Relationship Preamble”.

Download the current color version here (300 dpi, pdf)
Download the current black and white version here (300 dpi, pdf)



• Be conscious
• Be honest
• Be authentic
• Be exceptional listeners
• Be exceptional communicators
• Spend time alone, exploring our depths
• Seek to uncover, heal, and transform shadow issues
• Create safe places
• Accept responsibility for our lives and realities
• Be compassionate and forgiving
• Love wholeheartedly and unconditionally
• Pay attention to timing
• Change, grow, evolve
• Be patient
• Cultivate an adventurous spirit
• See the humor in life
• Include everything, exclude nothing
• Invoke the higher, deeper, all-knowing, all-powerful forces of life
• Find and fulfill our unique purpose in life
• Join with others