The Favorite Son
By Janie Thompson

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Janie Thompson, an intuitive healer and psychic medium, writes:

Most of the time we think of mediumship as connecting with a loved one who has already passed over, not one who is about to enter this world. One of my favorite readings that I’ve ever done, is when spirit came through in the most unexpected and joyous way.

My client was a woman who was in her third trimester of pregnancy. She already had a little boy who was three, and her second son was due in the next couple of months. I was doing energy work for her to alleviate some of the common physical and emotional symptoms that accompany pregnancy. Energy work was the goal of this session, there was no plan for a mediumship event!

My client was very relaxed and drifting in and out of sleep when suddenly, her son that she was pregnant with came through. In a very matter-of-fact way, he communicated to me that he was “the favorite son.”

I was caught off guard and waited for more from him. Again, very to the point, he conveyed, “I’m the favorite son.”

I told the client. She first had a moment when she said she hoped that she wasn’t showing signs of favoritism between her two boys. We knew that wasn’t the case though, so we both just started laughing, we thought that this kiddo has a wonderful sense of humor!

That evening, my client got back in touch with me. She said that when her husband got home from work, she told him what had happened. He reminded her that of the two names that they were trying to decide between, Benjamin or Noah, Benjamin means “the favorite son.”

Not only did Ben choose his name that day, he also lovingly validated to his mom and dad that he was doing great and already had an awareness and was spending time with his family!