Rebooting Our Relationship With Technology
By David Sunfellow
Version 1.1

• Take one 5 minute break for every 30 minutes you work on a computer

• Consider buying or creating a standing desk so sitting time is minimized

• When it is time to take a break, walk around (avoid sitting for long periods of time; move your body regularly throughout the day)

• Spend time, daily, in nature

• While out in nature, spend at least a little time sitting on the ground, leaning against trees, and/or touching the Earth with your bare feet

• Get sunshine on your skin

• Fill your home/office with house plants (especially the rooms you spend the most time in)

• Before bed, disconnect as many electrical devices as you can (unplug devices that make noise and generate electromagnetic fields; turn off, or cover up, all flashing, blinking, shining lights)

• Sleep in a clean, quiet, organized space

• As much as possible, sleep with windows open so you can breathe fresh air

• Begin and end each day with quiet times (this allows you to focus your thoughts and energy before beginning each new day and clear your mind, emotions, and body of clutter and stress before going to sleep)

• Spend extended amounts of time in nature away from technology

• Strive to give each thing you do, and each person you interact with, your full, undivided attention



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