This is a man named Neev taking about the aftereffects of his near-death experience. After first saying that he underwent some dramatic physical healings (chronic migraines, cramps, an anxious stomach all disappeared), he says this:

51RnKMnI5yL._SL210_“It was not only a physical healer — my mental state was repaired as well. My outlook on life was no longer bleak and dismal. I felt like I now had a purpose, which was to help people and share my positive perspective. My dependence on time seemed to stop. I no longer felt pressured by the clock — there was always time to do something else or more. I tried to fit in as much as possible into every day. I experienced everything for what it was — not for what it could do or give to me. I was no longer interested in what ‘society’ had to say about how I lived my life. I was no longer interested in what people thought or how they felt about me, or if I looked good or not. I learned that I am much more than my body.

“In doing this, other people around me began to accept me for who I was. My feeling of warmth and love flew through from my body and brought me many new friends….I had no fears of rejection of embarrassment. These were trivial things that [had] no consequence in the larger scheme of things.”

He then returns to this topic later:

“From this large change in my personality, many of the things I valued previously seemed virtually unimportant to me. Money and material objects were not even a secondary thought to me. I became very generous with all of my time and material things. I joined several school philanthropy groups and spent time working in several soup kitchens. The most major change I noticed in myself was the loss of the desire to compete. Competition was the major driving force in my life before my NDE, but afterward, it seemed foolish and unimportant. Sports were still fun, but I lost that killer instinct that helped me get recruited by several universities.”

— From “Lessons from the Light”, by Kenneth Ring, p. 24