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Story: A Soft Answer

by David Sunfellow

A Soft Answer By Terry Dobson A turning point in my life came one day on a train in the middle of a drowsy spring afternoon. The train clanked and rattled through the suburbs of Tokyo. It was comparatively empty — a few housewives with their kids in tow, some old folks out shopping, a […]

NDE Aftereffects: Ability To Bend Time

by David Sunfellow

This is a man named Neev taking about the aftereffects of his near-death experience. After first saying that he underwent some dramatic physical healings (chronic migraines, cramps, an anxious stomach all disappeared), he says this: “It was not only a physical healer — my mental state was repaired as well. My outlook on life was […]

Healing Past Events By Time Traveling & Changing Them

by David Sunfellow

While time unfolds in a linear way in this world, one of the core truths presented by near-death experiences is that time does not actually exist as we experience it here. From the perspective of NDEs, time not only doesn’t exist as we experience it, but everything — past, present, and future, along with every […]