While time unfolds in a linear way in this world, one of the core truths presented by near-death experiences is that time does not actually exist as we experience it here. From the perspective of NDEs, time not only doesn’t exist as we experience it, but everything — past, present, and future, along with every possible reality — is actually happening right now.

One of the mind-tweaking ideas that emerge from this perspective is that we are not only in constant communication with our past and future lives (both our lives and the lives of others), but that we can change past experiences and affect future ones now, resulting in better, happier, more connected lives right now. Here are a few resources that explore this important topic.

The first is a couple quotes from Anita Moorjani’s best-selling book, “Dying To Be Me.” These quotes emphasize the idea that we can alter our current reality by tapping into future realities and also by changing past ones.

The second is an interview that Bob Olson of AfterLifeTV did with Darryl Anka. Darryl channels what he experiences as a future self of his called “Bashar”. Among other things, Darryl offers some very lucid descriptions of how time and alternate realities work. He also addresses the issue of future predictions and suggests that predicting the future is very challenging because there are an infinite number possibilities spinning out of each present moment.

And the third is a link to Mary Deioma’s new book, “Loved: A Transcendent Journey”. Along with being a beautiful, unusually lucid book, Mary includes one chapter where she talks about revisiting — and changing — a past traumatic event in her life and what happened as the result.


Anita Moorjani

Dying To Be Me (book)
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From Anita’s Book, Dying To Be Me:

“I realized that every moment in all our lives — past, present, future, known, unknown, and unknowable — exist simultaneously, as though outside of what we know as time. I became aware that I already was everything I was trying to attain, and I believe that’s true for everyone. All things that we perceive as positive, negative, good, or bad, are simply parts of the perfect, balanced Whole.”

Q: One of the most intriguing statements you’ve made about what you understood from your experience has implications that are profound, multi-faceted, and far-reaching. I’m thinking of your contention that we can effectively alter our past by the moment-to-moment choices we make as our lives unfold into the future. Am I reading too much into what you’re expressing, or is this close to what you understand?

A: You’ve interpreted it absolutely as I meant it. I feel that the present moment is the only point in time we have to create our reality. Please note that I intentionally don’t say “create our future.” The past and future felt fluid to me, and this is how I was able to alter the test results depending on whether I came back or not.

I agree that this is important because of its implications. For me, it continues to unfold each day, and now this awareness has become bigger than the NDE itself.


Darryl Anka

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Mary Deioma

• Loved: A Transcendent Journey (book)
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Chapter 8, Time Travel, is the chapter to take a look at. Click the image below to see what Mary had to say…



Additional Quotes & Resources:

“Then I asked a question. All I remember are the answers. A voice boomed so loudly that it could make the universe explode. It said: ‘Everything is one. There is no past. There is no future. There is only now. And not only that, but every possible outcome for every possible situation is occurring at the same time.’ The last statement I couldn’t quite understand. I was shown an example of being at an intersection behind the wheel of a car and going straight, turning right, turning left, hitting the building on the corner, hitting a light post, going straight up into the air, burrowing into the asphalt — all at the same time. Every possibility was occurring at the same instant whether I did it or not…”

An Anonymous Near-Death Experiencer