Miraculous Healings

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NDE Aftereffects: Ability To Bend Time

by David Sunfellow

This is a man named Neev taking about the aftereffects of his near-death experience. After first saying that he underwent some dramatic physical healings (chronic migraines, cramps, an anxious stomach all disappeared), he says this: “It was not only a physical healer — my mental state was repaired as well. My outlook on life was […]

Healing Past Events By Time Traveling & Changing Them

by David Sunfellow

While time unfolds in a linear way in this world, one of the core truths presented by near-death experiences is that time does not actually exist as we experience it here. From the perspective of NDEs, time not only doesn’t exist as we experience it, but everything — past, present, and future, along with every […]

Story: The Blind Man At The Gate

by David Sunfellow

The Blind Man At The Gate Long ago, I remember a blind beggar sat each day beside the gate on the east side of the wall of the city of Jerusalem. For years he made that place his daily residence. So clever were his ears that he had learned the sounds of those who walked […]

Penny Sartori: Claw-Like Hand Healed

by David Sunfellow

Excerpted From: Wisdom of Near Death Experiences: How Understanding NDEs Can Help Us Live More Fully By Penny Sartori Published on 2014-02-18 “This near-death experience had two significant effects on his life. First, Tom says, it completely removed any fear of dying. “Even more extraordinary is what happened to his right hand, which had been […]