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Dream: Property of The Church

by David Sunfellow

Dream: Property of The Church June, 1974 By David Sunfellow Dream: I am standing in front of a bunch of large jars that represent all the religions of the world. I notice that the water in every jar is cloudy, murky, polluted. Standing in front of the jars is a large sign that I can’t read. The […]

Prayer Bowls

by David Sunfellow

Near-death experiences champion prayer as a super power. Along with meditation (feeling the Presence of God), feeling and expressing gratitude, cultivating a sense of humor (which includes not taking ourselves too seriously), and learning how to see things from higher perspectives, near-death experiences indicate that prayer can produce miracles (click here to read some remarkable stories). One way we can […]

Dream: The Open Door

by David Sunfellow

Dream: The Open Door By David Sunfellow Original Link I was abused as a child, on many different levels: physically, emotionally, psychologically. I internalized, very deeply, the idea that the world (and the people in it) hurt us and I developed a philosophy that reflected that. In my particular case, that meant I thought a […]

Dream: The Greatest Movie Ever Made

by David Sunfellow

The Greatest Movie Ever Made January, 1987 By David Sunfellow I dreamed I was sitting in a movie theater watching a movie. As I watched the movie, a host of meandering, shallow, incoherent, sometimes violent images tumbled across the screen. “What kind of ridiculous movie is this?” I thought, appalled that someone had spent millions […]

Dream: The Black Blob

by David Sunfellow

The Black Blob By David Sunfellow July 21, 2014 To set the stage, for the past few days I have been dealing with some interpersonal issues that have been emotionally upsetting. Because dealing with emotionally charged interpersonal issues is a universal theme for all of us, I thought some of you might find this dream […]

Dream: The Healthier We Are On The Inside…

by David Sunfellow

The Healthier We Are On The Inside… By David Sunfellow First published Saturday, November 20, 2010 Links updated Tuesday, July 24, 2012 Background Information: While I’ve been aware of and working with manifestation principles for many years (we create our reality through the power of our thoughts, emotions, intentions), lately I’ve been getting a near-constant dose of reminders. […]